Monday, December 03, 2007

Mmm...24 slices of American Cheese...*drool*

I never seem to be able to effect moderation in my lifestyle. Whether it be coffee, booze, video games, speedballs, Swiss Cake Rolls, or even blogging - I seem to either abstain or go ridiculously overboard. (I can't even get the balance right on my Depeche Mode habit.) Complete denial or total indulgance, there is no middle ground!


Doc said...

Yeah, me too, but there truly isn't any success like excess. Just remember, stop right before you blackout or can't fit through your front door. Anything shy of that is just fine.


Evil Evil Genius said...


My actual doctor disagrees with the latter statement. Probably the former too if he had any idea.


pistols at dawn said...

I just plan on dying early. Next week would be fine by me - I've done all I need to. All that's left is sagging more, heart pains, and paying water bills.

Evil Evil Genius said...


I hear ya. I am not tying any nooses, but I am not getting out of the way of any oncoming busses either.


Grant Miller said...

I'm totally the same way, but with masturbation.

Evil Evil Genius said...

just because it wasn't explicitly mentioned doesn't mean it isn't on the list. I also didn't mention my $50,000 a day Fabrege egg habit.


Bubs said...

Moderation is overrated. Don't worry about it.

McGone said...

This sounds like a good intro to a drug commerical that would be on TV at about 3 a.m. The next line would start "And then my doctor told me about Obsessotrin."

I wonder what the side effects of Obsessotrin would be?

Evil Evil Genius said...

I wonder if there would be any conflict with me already being on Getoveritol?