Thursday, March 13, 2008

Meme Fulfillment Department

As requested by Suzel.

Submission #1 by The Evil Genius.

"I wondered if he was asleep downstairs or whether he was waiting to come in and kill me. So I got out my Swiss Army knife and opened the blade so I could defend myself. Then I went out of my bedroom really quietly and listened."

Submission #2 by Evil, Evil Genius.

"The movie is about four young hoods growing up in Harlem whose lives are shattered by crime and violence, and the original poster showed a picture of four expressionless black men, one of them holding a gun. The gun was airbrushed from the later poster. Accused of creating an irresponsible campaign for the film, Paramount declared that the decision to remove the gun was purely a creative decision and had not been done in fear that the weapon might incite violence."


Anonymous said...

Is that first book Hillary's biography? Thanks for playing along Evil and Evil 2.

McGone said...

I really liked the first book, and may have to pick up that second one (as if my must-read pile isn't big enough as it is).

Red said...

Notice you didn't tag anyone. You're a good man, Charlie Brown. However, I'll do my part. Hey, if four other commenters fulfill the meme, than Evil's done it without tagging anyone!

"But they both seemed besotted with Avaric. At last Boq cornered Galinda on the porch and pleaded with her to talk with him. She agreed, a measure of her demure demeanor returning, and they sat a short distance apart on a swing."