Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meme Fulfillment Department

Crazy 8's as requested by Beth. (In Case you were wondering, the Meme Fulfillment Department is located right next to the Dead Letter Office.)

8 Things I’m Passionate About
Wow, only 8? I am used to doing this in 100's. OK, let us narrow it down then.
1. Catholicism- It's like Santeria without all those messy chicken bones!
2. Being a smart-ass
3. Coffee
4. Red-heads
5. The entire punk lineage of Rock and Roll (punk, post punk, new wave, post modern, college rock, alternative, emo, avante garage, etc.)
6. The scent of a woman. (This is not italicized or in quotation marks because I am not referring to the movie.)
7. Trying to explain to people how big the universe is (It's fucking big!)
8. Pikksburgh Stillers football (Can I get an "amen," BeckEye?)

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
1. Drive Route 66 from Chicago to LA in an old American car with my brother.
2. Procreate.
3. Become an official Karen O groupie.
4. Spend a night in jail.
5. Become old and crotchety.
6. Finish "8 Things to do before I die" list.

8 Things I Often Say
Nothing. I am the strong, silent type. [read: psychotic.]

8 Books I’ve Read Recently
1. Love Is a Mix Tape - still haven't finished.
2. The Great Gatsby - also in progress. Never read it before. (Probably still got at least a "B" on the test.)
3. I just finished re-reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.
5. Fight Club
6. The Time Machine Did It
7. Life of Pi
8. Lamb

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over
Chosen somewhat randomly in the interest of completing this meme.
1. The Postal Service - “Such Great Heights”
2. The Smiths - “Back to the Old House" (Hatful of Hollow version)
3. The Flaming Lips - “Do You Realize?
4. Portishead - "Over"
5. The Decemberists - "The Mariner's Revenge"
6. New Order - "Regret" (Evil Genius' song of the year)
7. The Stone Roses - "Fool's Gold"
8. The Smiths - "I Won't Share You"

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends
1. Very strong magnets of opposite polarity surgically implanted in our skulls.
2. The promise of free food.
3. Need to keep other half of the launch code nearby.
4. Can't be my own straight man.
5. More friends = more potential kidney/bone marrow matches.
6. Those come-hither eyes.
7. The siren call of the HOV lane.
8. Have to do something with all these Hallmark cards I bought.

8 Things That Drive Me Crazy
Beth added this one; it drove her crazy that there were only seven categories in Crazy 8's. She is brilliant.
1. The chemical imbalance in my brain.
2. Red-heads
3. Confederate flags
4. Sucka MC's frontin' like they can match my funky flow.
5. Decaf
6. The sad fact that the world may never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. I mean, come on! We can put a man on the moon, why can't we exercise enough self-control to blot out this shameful gap in the whole of human candy consumption knowledge?
7. Not being able to tell anyone that I know who "You're So Vain" is really about.
8. Memes

8 People I Think Should Go All "Crazy 8's" on Us
Normally I wouldn't tag people, but if I don't there aren't 8 topics in Crazy 8's, so with much reticence I extend the following tags.
1. Red - to be filled out in my comments
2. Splotchy - only if it satisfies the TMS guidelines.
3. BeckEye - since she is already on my clipboard.
4. Splotchy - this time just to drive down the adjusted TMS.
5. Whiskeymarie - because I am secretly in love with her and don't know how else to tell her.
6. Splotchy - we have now created what is known as "a running gag."
7. Fernando Von Bakonstein c/o McGone @ the IHOB.
8. Splotchy - This should make the TMS now approach zero and complete the running gag.


Splotchy said...

Thanks for driving down the TMS for me. I was a-scared by this meme's low efficiency, and the fact that I would not be able to remember eight books I have recently read.

McGone said...

Let me see if I can get ahold of Fernando while he is in reha... I mean, "while he is on his latest vacation."

Grant Miller said...

Any version of "Back to the Old House" works for me.

And I've ripped off AHWOSG so much I should pay royalties.

pistols at dawn said...

One day, I too will be able to drive in the HOV lane, and not just because the two hobos tied up in the back seat are still technically alive.

Whiskeymarie said...

If you can do a damn meme, I can do a damn meme.

Lucky for you I'm a sucker for a strong, silent psychotic.

BeckEye said...

You get an amen for the Stillers, but I'm now jutting out my chin and drooling like Bill Caaaaawr for making me do another meme. That was a bullshit call!!

I will figure out a way to work this into my current obsessing over a certain gorgeous American Idol contestant.

Evil Genius said...


This meme is so inefficient it should have a little chrome appliqué on the side that says "H2."

@McGone: Right. Next you're gonna tell me that cute little nose was a pleasant side effect of surgery for a deviated septum.


Re:"Back to the Old House" - It is currently my clock radio alarm.

Re: AHWOSG - And here I always thought Eggers was ripping you off!


I want to have that comment bronzed and put on my mantle. (Note to self: need to buy house pref. w/ fireplace to have mantle for putting said bronzed comment on.)




I blame Beth. You should too.


Beth said...

You are an interestingly evil man, Evil. Love your eight songs, BTW.

Dale said...

I love 4 of your 8 books only because I've read them and haven't read the others.

Aren't you already old and crotchety?

Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks said...


SkylersDad said...

The HOV lane item made me spit stuff out of my mouth!

And I am also passionate about red heads, I should have listed that on my meme...

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

You know, I never knew what Santeria was until that one Red Hot Chili Peppers song came out.

Pezda's Ghost said...

I've been researching the Tootsie Pop issue for the last thirty years. I think I've almost got it licked.

Oh, and thank you.

lulu said...

You wouldn't have passed my Gatsby test without finishing the book.

However, if I had been your English teacher you would have loved the book (and you would have paid attention, because I am a redhead)

Red said...

Dale - Crotchety, yes, but he's not old yet. It's entirely possible his first "word" was "Meh". (His family probably thought it was "Ma-ma", but we know better.)

Evil Genius said...


Thank you. That is high praise coming from you.


You must read all the books I read and like all the things I like or else you're out of the club. (Which club that is has yet to be determined.)




All lists should include redheads.


I think you mean Sublime not RHCP. But now that you mention it I can hear where you could make the mistake.


I know you have that grudge against Mr. Owl, but it is time to let it go. This isn't going to prove anything.


[With puppy dog eyes] Ms. B, can I stay after class to help out my grade with some extra credit?


As I was induced after being two weeks late, I often joke that my first words were, "C'mon, mom! Five more minutes?"

The EG

GETkristiLOVE said...

What, only two Smiths' songs on that list, wtf?

If only I met you before SV, I'd reveal how many licks it takes...

That reminds me, I'm due for another red hair dye appointment.

Evil Genius said...

Don't forget the Auburn Betty! ;)

Red said...

gKl - the Evil Genius doesn't need any bottle jobs! The Evil Evil Genius, though, he might actually prefer them. Not sure about that guy.

Red said...

Why don't you redhead lovers exist in the real world? (the "real world" being my hometown)

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Quick follow-up on this... Ever since getting Sirius Radio, I'm continually saying "Oh, so THAT's who sings this song..." (because it has a little display with the band names). Anyway, there have been at least two other Sublime songs that I always thought were RHCP. I think maybe I didn't even know Sublime existed. I'm going to have to reexamine everything at this point. Do you ahve Sirius? "Siriusly..." they play the Smiths like every 5 minutes on 1st wave.

Evil Genius said...


1st Wave is preset #1 on my Sirius. Fred is preset #1 on my XM.