Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Simpsons Quote of the Week

Kickin' it old school, for EG.

"Thank you. Goodbye. Thank you. Yes, do come again. (beat) Smithers? Release the hounds."

-Mr. Burns


Anonymous said...

So is EG in rehab? Prison? Recuperating from plastic surgery? Next time I'm in PA Red, there will be a cheesesteak with your name on it. I'll eat that cheesesteak, but it'll still have your name on it :}

Beth said...

Burns rocks.

SkylersDad said...

My favorite Simpsons quote is Homer saying:

That's not America, that's not even Mexico!

Leonesse said...

Mmmm cheesesteak. Goes well with beer. DOH.

Red said...


He gets blogger burnout now and again. Also, he changed jobs recently. Cross your fingers; maybe you won't be stuck with me forever. Enjoy the cheesesteak! If you put ketchup on it (and what self-respecting denizen of the Delaware valley doesn't?) you could literally put my name on it.


Yes, but not as much as R.E.M., now, does he?


I don't know that one, but I'm sure it's fun in context.


On that we must agree to disagree; I'm not a beer drinker. However, let us unite in our love of one of the least healthy delights on God's good earth.

Leonesse said...

Why then, not a white or red? Which one goes with cheesesteak?

I must acknowledge that I haven't found a cheesesteak that I like. I will withhold any dislikes until I can have a REAL Philly cheesesteak. No ketchup, I'm afraid.