Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Saddest Things That Have Ever Happened to Me

I missed Free Cone Day this year.

I really can’t believe it. Free Cone Day (at Ben & Jerry's) is one of the happiest days of my year, and every year I'm eager to share the joy with all. This is the first time I’ve missed it since probably 2003 (which wasn’t my first time, but I missed it in 2002 b/c I was in Wyoming). In ‘03 I distinctly remember going around three or four times. I was ushering a play at Roundabout Theatre that night. Ice cream was my free dinner.

For those of you who don’t know, Free Cone Day happens once a year at the end of April, usually the last or maybe second-to-last Tuesday. Lines are long, but move fast and you can go ‘round as many times as you want.* Usually, I either remember, especially because it comes so close to my birthday, or I get an email reminding me from one of the many people who know what this day means to me. I also apologize to you all for forgetting; I would have posted so that all of you could share in the joy that is free cone day.

Ice Cream ranks very high indeed on the list of what I like about the universe, but that may be another post.

*Or, if you’re embarrassed, you can hit every Ben & Jerry’s in town. When it comes to ice cream, I have no shame.**
**EG would probably tell you that I don’t have a whole lot of shame, period. He’s not too far wrong.


Anonymous said...

For crying out loud - how have I missed this goodness?

lulu said...

My friend sent me an email from Chicago taunting me that day; there are no Ben and Jerry's stores in Bangladesh. In fact, the American Commissary has been out of Ben and Jerry's for months, so we've been reduced to eating local ice cream. (it's bad)

Sorry you (and I) missed it.

Beth said...

One of the saddest things that have ever happened to me? Until this moment, I never knew Free Cone Day existed.

pistols at dawn said...

I hate waiting in line more than I like free ice cream. I'd pay double to not have to wait around and potentially talk to a whole bunch of losers.

Leonesse said...

Are you still depressed?

Red said...

Suze and Beth,

I'm sad _for_ you; I think I learned about Free Cone Day sometime in college. Anyway, it's usually around Earth Day.


I'm sorry, too! Bet ice cream will taste really good when you come home.


Suit yourself. Misanthrope.


Actually, while I love ice cream, I eat a lot less than I used to. I'm a "look on the bright side" kinda gal, and I've been close to enough people who suffer from depression to appreciate how lucky I am to be an optimist.