Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Stephen Sondheim Lyric of the Week

Really, this is perhaps where I should have gone from the get-go, as I know SS roughly the way EG knows The Smiths. So, from arguably the greatest living American lyricist:

"I was told/ just be faithful and never scold/sounded easy so I was sold/I've been miserable since. I was taught/when a prince and a dragon fought/that the dragon was always caught/now I don't even wince/when it eats the prince."

"We're Gonna Be Alright", Do I Hear a Waltz?


pistols at dawn said...

Nothing says "timely" like songs about dragons.

Evil Evil Genius said...

Why does my blog suck now?

Red said...


"Will you still love a (wo)man out of time?"


'Cause you left me in charge, and you know damn well that can spell disaster! C'mon back any time! Really. Really. But how dare you even imply that Sondheim...I can't even make myself type it. I would never say such a thing about Moz.