Thursday, May 29, 2008

Take Me Back to Manhattan!

I had a fantastic trip to New York; thank you for asking! I got to see three shows, among them Sunday in the Park with George, music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. This is a show based on Georges Seurat's famous painting, ...le Grand Jatte. Possibly my favorite line in the piece is when his former girlfriend, Dot (how great is that?) says:

We lose things.
And then we choose things.
And there are Louis's
And there are Georges-
Well, Louis's
And George.

So that's the lyric of the week. The sets and lights and everything were fabulous, and I wouldn't be surprised if the leading lady gets a Tony. Two thumbs way up!


GETkristiLOVE said...

I've never seen it live but I saw the movie with Bernadette Peters and Mandy Patinkin. Who knew Data (Brent Spiner) can sing?! What a cool concept for the painting to come to life - plus it's one of my favorite paintings ever. I visit it every time I'm in Chicago.

McGone said...

Hey - how was your trip to New York?

I know you already answered this, but I swear I was just about to ask before you said "thanks for asking." Seriously.

Evil Genius said...

Couldn't you find a clearer image of that painting? That one is all pixilated!

Red said...


I haven't seen that version, though I know the recording pretty well. I love the painting, too. I've stood in front of it for probably 15 solid minutes on the couple of occasions I was lucky enough to visit the Art Institute.


I am impressed by your blogging brilliance.


It was a pretty quick job; it's so pixellated b/c I wanted it to be bigger and while the image said 900x1200 and I selected "large", it still came out a lot smaller than I wanted. If you're killing time this weekend, feel free to fix it up, o blogmaster ;P

Evil Genius said...

I am not complaining about the resolution, it was an attempt at a pointalism joke. (Those never really play well anyway.)

Beth said...

For more realism, I think they should pixelate the stage actors.

WendyB said...

What? And you didn't visit me? I would have put you in my purse and carried you around town like I did with Fernando.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to put that on my list to see!

Doc said...

Glad to hear you had a grand time! Got any photos?


Dale said...

I wondered how the show would be. What else did you see? I was there a couple of weekends ago and saw Gypsy, Xanadu and The Country Girl.

Red said...


Don't be too hard on yourself; it's a good try.


As a sometime stage actor, I'm not sure how I feel about that.


Sorry! I'll let you know next time. But I'll warn you: I'm a lot heavier than Fernando.


It's a good one, but there's a lot of good stuff in town right now.


No. I don't even own a camera.


I saw Gypsy!, too. Did you love it? I did it in community theatre while I was in HS. I'd put it in the top ten American musicals. I also saw In the Heights, which isn't so much my style musically, but is very moving. I cried and cried.

GETkristiLOVE said...

EG: Just call me an art major - I LOL at your joke.