Friday, June 27, 2008


How much market research did they do before deciding on blue and gray as a color scheme for antidepressants? You would think the FDA might have caught this and asked if they wanted to re-think that choice. Then again, maybe the pills were all black originally and everyone said, "OK, now that's just too over-the-top."


cardiogirl said...

As a "user" I would prefer my capsules/pills to be a hot pink and orange combo. I have always found that color combination to be uplifting and cheery.

But in actuality my pills are white. Although my sleeping pill is a nice shade of royal blue.

Red said...

I have one pill that's a nice orangey color. The med I have to inject is a nice, bright turquoise. Which is cheery and all, but doesn't change the fact that I have to take shots every other day. The Strawberry Shortcake ice pack helps, though.

Doc said...

Research tried a pink and purple polka dot version, but they found it had adverse side effects like genital warts, and it mades clowns extremely horny.

They tried a red, white, and blue version, but people kept using them as suppositories, as most folks are used to taking it in the ass by the government.

The tie-dyed version was a no go, as it just made Grateful Dead fans long to have Jerry back.

They tried them in red, and they tried them in blue, but either way, the Matrix folks threatened to sue.

I guess you are stuck with the blue-gray ones. Me, I just drink beer, as it comes in many lovely colors.

Glad to have you back.


McGone said...

Of course, they are also called "anti (negative) depressants," so it's all working counter-intuitively.

SkylersDad said...

Pills are for the weak, that's why I chase my meth down with Jack Daniels!

Evil Evil Genius said...

Cardio: 98% of alternate color schemes would be preferable.

Red: Just don't forget your 9:00 pill.

Doc: Horny clowns and mistaken suppositories? This is possibly the scariest comment ever!

McG: There is an argument to be made that someone who is depressed would be attracted to gloomy pills and therefore more likely to ingest them. Just as long as they're more appealing than the Drano.

SD: I am weak. But I have to get better so I can take care of Red. And if that path required wearing a tutu and calling myself Sally, I'd do that too. (Please don't call me Sally.)

SkylersDad said...

Never meant to call you weak EEG! I was trying to use my sometimes poorly placed, twisted sense of humor!

3vil gEnius said...

I can totally empathize. I had to scrub my post on "discount paraplegic hookers" because while it made me laugh, I could see others (everyone except Pistols) finding it in bad taste.

Falwless said...

Wait a second, discount paraplegic hookers? Where? Sign me up!

pistols at dawn said...

I guess a red one would remind people of how gray their lives truly are.

Pezda's Ghost said...

All my meds are whitish, and my insulin is clear. I think they think that colors will induce another one of my "episodes".

Gnugs said...

I had those lovely colors, all mixed up with a pretty sky blue, and a prideful purple. I'm not sure what the grey/green ones did, and the purple ones were supposed to make me stop smoking (ha!), but I quite enjoyed the blues ones until my Dr. caught on.


(good luck, 3vile)

Evil Genius said...

Fawlwess: Again, I underestimate. Or perhaps this is a case of overestimation?

P@D: Truly, truly gray.

PG: I would assume colored meds would have some sort of pigment effect on your ghostly white sheet, so all the better.

Gnugs: I am not currently in a fetal ball wishing for an untimely death, so that is a small victory. (And if you come across any extra blue ones, let me know.)

katrocket said...

I used to work for a pharma advertising agency, and I must tell you that many meetings are conducted on the subject of pill color and shape. It's exhausting, actually. The brainstorming sessions to come up with new "friendly" marketing names for drugs are especially hilarious.

3vil gEnius said...

Kat: That saddens me on new levels. Thanks!