Monday, June 16, 2008

The Sound and Light Show

Some of you may wonder about this J character on my list of evil minions that all but never comments and still ranks above Grant Miller of Grant Miller Media. He is one of my oldest and closest friends. However, his blog is wasted on surgery updates and whatever hip DJ event he is promoting. He wastes brilliant sites like Garfield minus Garfield, and important news like Shirley Manson on Terminator in terse e-mails for my eyes only. (Long aside: This is not the link J sent me. I am sure he found it on geek central, AICN. But I Googled "Shirley Manson Terminator" and the #1 result was the link you see to JWZ's blog. Which is weird because this guy is actually related to me (my mother's cousin's son) and just so happens to be a programming deity. One of those things I never really think about until it pops up at the top of a Google search.) But since Shirl will be the new CEO of Skynet, this makes her eligible for me to adopt as my character actor. Jealous?


McGone said...

Hell yes, I'm jealous. As you can see by my handy top 10 list, I love me some Shirley.

Speaking of which, I waited and waited for you to evilly comment on my Top Ten Redhead post, and... nothing. You're a heartbreaker, Evil (and Evil Evil and Evil Evil Evil) Genius.

Splotchy said...

I'll get started on the paperwork.

Red said...


Maybe EG was just protesting my exclusion from this list. I mean, c'mon, McGone! There are guys on that list. And I'm fairly easy on the eyes.

3vil gEnius said...

McGone I am also a dream maker and a love taker.

Splotchy There's not a Woody Allen/Soon-Yi clause is there?

Red And other Red, and Lulu of Chicago, and the Girl, and GkL with chemical help. But of course you're my favorite.