Saturday, June 21, 2008

WILATU 23 - riding my bicycle

I like to ride my bicycle. And much to the relief of others, I do not wear spandex whilst I do so. I am a safety dork and wear a helmet, but there are kids on the trail to set an example for and city traffic to navigate to get to said trail. I do not break any records for time or distance. I consider exercise a side benefit.

I enjoy nature, and biking is essentially hiking that you can get over and done with a lot quicker. Biking is also one of those things that you can do by yourself and still seem like a reasonable human being. I need all the help I can get in presenting that appearance.

This is one of the items on the list that I changed into a verb. Originally #23 was just "my bike", which at the time was the blue one picture above on my back porch. And while it has served me well for 10 years and still stands by as a viable back-up, it is not the bike itself that I enjoy. If it was, I never would have bought the new gray bike pictured below resting on the trail. Old bike is sporty and young. New bike is better suited for an aging hipster such as myself. Though really it was purchased for being lighter and much more able of comfort.

I tried to capture some video of the trail on my cell phone, but cannot upload it to my computer. So just imagine some tranquil scenery with a canal on one side and a river on the other. Green trees broken up with a dead white birch. Jagged rock-faced hills and horseshoe turns. Turtles and butterflies and bullfrogs croaking. So bucolic you almost want to puke.

If you add a bike lock, it also becomes a convenient way to get to the other taco joint that is a little further away but far superior to the one in walking distance.

Typically I will gear up with my Cammelback filled with some tools, my epi-pen (in case of bee sting,) water of course, and maybe a granola bar. But lately I have found it much more enjoyable to just hop on and ride. The trade off of being stuck if I get a flat is worth the added spontaneity. After all, I am just going for a bike ride not a bloody expedition.

Oh yeah, and something about reliving bright points of my childhood I guess.


Whiskeymarie said...

Whew. I was worried about the spandex thing when I started reading this.
Glad you cleared that up.

Falwless said...

Gorgeous. The bike, that is, not this entry.

The entry was pretty.

(I esp. enjoyed the ending)

Pezda's Ghost said...

Your childhood had bright points?!? Lucky bastard.

pistols at dawn said...

I never learned how to ride a bike because bikes are for Commies.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Too bad each post can't have it's own theme song. Otherwise, this would've been perfect for that Queen tune. I like casual biking, too. I'd never adopt it for exercise purposes, though.

Hey, you know what really cracks me up -- like, totally? When amateur cyclists (men) shave their legs to "reduce wind drag." Ummmm... yeah, okay, whatever. I mean, if you're in the Tour de-MFing France, maybe you bust out the Gillette; otherwise, you just want to shave your legs & biking is an excuse. (IMHO, of course)

3vil gEnius said...

Whiskey: The only time I wear spandex is while leaping over tall buildings in single bounds.

FalwlesS: Thank you. I like it, especially the kick ass wheels. But the brown saddle/handle bar grips give it a certain character.

PG: I wasn't meaning to brag or anything. Sorry.

P@D: Actually bikes are for Socialists. Ox carts are for Commies.

BSUWG: Apparently I have to make my link text a more visible color.

gifted typist said...

I just got a new bike too - a commuter with upright handle bars and a big sensible seat. They do bring back memories of childhood

Evil Genius said...

GT: I like a woman with a big sensible seat.