Friday, July 11, 2008

Alt-Rock Band with a Guy Named Ian #4

The Cult

Ian Astbury


McGone said...

I actually really dig The Cult. "Electric" is one of my favorite rock albums. So great in its simplicity.

Having said that, I saw them live once and Sweet Fancy Moses did they suck. Astbury was so drunk that I knew the lyrics to his own songs better than he did.

pistols at dawn said...

The Cult was sort of like Ministry, in that I don't really trust their fans.

Beth said...

Where's Ian Dury?

Evil Genius said...

McG: If you know their lyrics, maybe you can sing for them since Ian is now singing for the Doors.

P@D: I am neither a Ministry fan nor a Cult fan, but you are still more than welcome to distrust me.

Beth: Where was the last place you left him?

Whiskeymarie said...

I don't care how he looks now- Mr. Astbury can violate me fourteen different ways anytime he wants.
The opening to "She sells Sanctuary" makes me tingly and reminds me of all of the fun/boys/misbehaviors of my youth.

And yes- they suck balls live.

Evil Genius said...

Whiskey: Is that included in the ticket price, or would I have to pay extra for that?

BeckEye said...

I like The Cult too. But for years I thought one of the lines in "Love Removal Machine" was "Give me a salt shaker." I figured Ian was the first rocker to come out as a saltaholic.

Evil Genius said...

Wait, it isn't salt shaker?