Monday, July 21, 2008

Alt-Rock Band with a Guy Named Ian #5 & #6

Minor Threat / Fugazi

Ian Mac Kaye


minijonb said...

amazing to think that once upon a time, Ian would hang out with Henry Rollins at DC area shows.

pistols at dawn said...

That guy doesn't care whether it's effing or effing playing golf.

Grant Miller said...

Fact: In my senior year high school photo I'm clearing wearing a Minor Threat t-shirt. Mainly because I didn't know we were getting our pictures taken that day.

Evil Genius said...

JB: But did they hang out like David Bowie and Mick Jagger used to "hang out" in the 80's?

Pistols: If it weren't for your earlier comment I would have screwed this one up. For whatever reason I always thought his name was Ian McCabe. Even after much Googling, I still found it hard to let go of the idea that there was another Ian out there named McCabe.

GM: Fact: In my senior high school photo I still have hair.

Del-V said...

Ian also had some side projects, such as Egg Hunt and Pailhead.

And I once went to a Fugazi show in DC and Henry Rollins was there. That wasn't once upon a time. That was 1991.