Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Best Novel/Movie/Soundtrack Combo

It is hard to truly pull off the ultimate pop culture trifecta. I submit for your consideration the following candidates:

High Fidelity the novel
High Fidelity the movie
High Fidelity the soundtrack (Wonder if they even considered using Elvis Costello's "High Fidelity"?)

Trainspotting the novel
Trainspotting the movie
Trainspotting the soundtrack (and the other soundtrack)

Fight Club the novel
Fight Club the movie
Fight Club the soundtrack (which sadly does not contain the Pixies "Where's My Mind")

Other submissions for nominees are welcome.


McGone said...

"High Fidelity" is 3 for 3, especially since the soundtrack introduced me to Love's "Always See Your Face," which is rather fantastic.

Likewise "Fight Club" gets the hat trick, because really that novel should have been close to unfilmable, but Fincher and Uhls tapped Palahniuk's narrative.

"Trainspotting" I lovea s movie, but the bits of the novel written in the Scottish accent made my grey matter ooze out of my ears.

Red said...

I'd submit About a Boy (even though it's another Hornby book). Great book, lovely film and nice soundtrack (mostly) by Badly Drawn Boy (who I don't love, but think they do a nice job with the score/soundtrack).

Garney said...

I don't think it surpasses the three you've already mentioned, but I'll submit A Clockwork Orange. I love the song "I'm Gonna Marry a Lighthouse Keeper" on the soundtrack. It's like a funkier Octopus' Garden.

Another one would be Schindler's List. Though I don't know if you'd consider that one since it's soundtrack is just the score by John Williams, but what a fantastic one.

Garney said...

One more... Goodfellas.

Doc said...

How about "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" book/movie/soundtrack?


red said...

Red, I don't think About a Boy can touch HF. Do you notice that it's also much more chick flicky than the others on this list?

While I'll cop to not knowing anything of _Trainspotting_, and not having read _Fight Club_, I strongly suspect that even if I did, I would pick _High Fidelity_, one of my favorite books _and_ movies.

"Laura's who I am now, and it's no use pretending any differently."

Red said...


I agree High Fidelity is a better book/movie/soundtrack. It's kinda funny to consider About a Boy a chick flick becuase it's all about men. The romance storyline is secondary to the male bonding storyline, but you're right. Chicks dig it way more than men.

Plus, High Fidelity has a Springsteen cameo and that trumps pretty much anything.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

How about Harry Potter? (Great book, great movie, and great title theme.) (Hey, *someone* had to represent those with the mind of a 12-year-old!)

Grant Miller said...

"The Seventh Seal." Film by Bergman, book by the Book of Revelations, song by Rakim.

All awesome.

Falwless said...

You all are forgetting Kazaam! the movie, Kazaam! the book and Kazaam! the soundtrack.

lulu said...

I was going to toss out About A Boy, but I see that it's been done.

As for High Fidelity, the book is great, the sound track rocks, but the movie just isn't that good. yes, Jack Black is God. Yes John Cusack (my future husband) is a cutie. Yes, Joan Cusack steals the show, and yes, the scene where Tim Robbins gets the shit kicked out of him is hilarious, but the women in the movie are so completely static; you never see any chemistry between him and Laura at all, and despite the fact that it was filmed in my beautiful Chicago, I really wish that it had been set in London like the novel.

pistols at dawn said...

High Fidelity is the best of the three to me, but that's just because I love stories where men are jerks but still get laid.

Evil Genius said...

McG: I love reading things written in dialect, unless it's SciFi.

R2: I likey Badly Drawn Boy, but that movie is decidedly estrogen-heavy.

Garney: These are fine submissions. "I'm Gonna Marry a Lighthouse Keeper" now reminds me of an odd comic book called the Maxx. "Singing in the Rain" is of course ruined forever.

Doc: Shh!!! I am still trying to let Red forget I drug her to that movie.

BSUWG: 12 y-o minds in the hiz-ouse!

Grant Miller of Grant Miller Media: The English language is not big enough for me to tell you how much I love you.

Fawlless: That is the idea, we are all trying to forget it.

Lulu: That's because such movies are written by guys like Pistols.

Pistols: Thank goodness for guys like you!

Red said...

Oh, I didn't mind that one at all. I liked it. _Sin City_ was hard to stomach, but at least I had a big, strong man whose shoulder I could bury my face in. (You may remember that was you, EG.)

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