Friday, July 25, 2008

I Have Seen the Light (Glinting Off of My Boyfriend's Head)

About a month ago, MSN ran this article in praise of baldness. As most of you know from the occasional pictures he posts, EG is now bald. (Actually, you can see it under the "Two Minutes in the Box" link on the blogroll.) This is partially voluntary and partially not, as you see. This is my favorite picture of him from when we were going out the first time. (Handsome devil, no?)

He was bald when we first started dating. I wasn't crazy about the look, and dropped subtle hints like, "Gee, honey, it's February. Don't you get cold with no hair?"* Being able to take a hint and wanting to make me happy, he grew it out and left it that way for most of the time we were together. (Yeah, I feel a bit bad now about not just taking him as he was. I was ever so much younger then.)

There were a couple of brief periods when we were together before when he shaved it anyway, or maybe just one. He shaved it the first October we were together when he was Charlie Brown for Halloween. Maybe it was then or maybe there was another time I'm not remembering clearly, but I remember we were walking away from the movie theater one night and his head was shaved and he was wearing a leather jacket, and I was struck by how much of a bad-ass he looked like. Not that he doesn't have a streak of bad-ass -- he does and it's not narrow -- but I wouldn't say it's his default setting.

He shaved his head probably the entire time we were apart, and when we started seeing each other again I was far too busy being happy about it to give thought one to what was, or wasn't, on his head. I find him sexy exactly the way he is. Over the last few months, though, I've noticed that I notice bald guys in general much more favorably than I used to. Not that I'm looking seriously at anyone but EG, but just walking around in the world you notice people, right?

What I find kind of funny is that the MSN article makes no mention at all of the fact that naturally bald men lose their hair due to the fact that they've got more testosterone than other men. I haven't been around the block much, but I do know that EG is more appreciative of women than any other man I've met. I also know that he's been in a bar fight or three, before I came along anyway. It's entirely possible that bald men as a category are good as lovers and fighters.

On an interesting and related note, one of my teachers in grad school (I have a Master's in Acting) was telling me about a production of Euripides The Trojan Women she was in at The Shakespeare Theatre where the leading women (six of them, maybe?) all shaved their heads. Now, like many women, I'm very attached to my hair. It's a big part of my identity and that well may be more true for me because I'm a redhead. However, this teacher/actress was telling me that all of the women in the show who had significant others experienced a boost in their sex lives due to the shaved heads. (The teacher was straight; I'd guess most or all of the other women in this scenario were, too).

Some guys have funny shaped heads. Baldness definitely works better for some than others. But, hey, guys - if by chance you've never tried it, your head won't get cold in July!

*Kristi - I know, I know.


McGone said...

I can't do it. I have a misshapen head under this magnificent head of hair. That's partially the fault of my friend Slinger, a bald man. But that's a whole other story.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Since you know you're preaching to the choir, I must say it: I'm glad you've come to your senses.

Next step: bald head tequila body shot, ariba!

Doc said...

EG's hair, or lack there of, is nothing when you hold it up to the amount of charm he exudes in this photo. The man just has natural charisma.

Can you honestly stare hard at this picture and not get the feeling that this is a "good guy", a "good fella"? This is the person you want to see your sister dating. This is the guy you want for your boss, to teach your kids, or to be your (accountant, priest, proctologist, police chief, lawyer, judge, witness, job reference, video rental salesman, or fortune teller . This is a guy you can trust, his word is his bond, and he would alway be straight up. Should he ever run for office, this is the face of a person you would want at the helm.

Or at least until you found out he was Evil.

A Lover and a Fighter? There isn't any reason why those should be exclusive. Hell, a lot of people have fought for love.


Red said...

I'm a big fan of the shaved and/or bald head on a fella. The shorter, the better I always say.

Falwless said...

I am seriously, seriously attracted to bald men.

Also, I find, men are much more concerned with their receding hair and/or baldness than women are. I hardly even notice half the time.

Nice post.

Red said...


Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it!


Back in the day when I did tequila shots, I didn't need "training wheels", but if it'll do anything for EG I'm happy to lick salt off his head for effect.


Quite a charmer, that's for sure. And a very good man, indeed.


Exactly; leave the long, flowing locks to the redheads!


You are so right, as per usual. And thank you kindly.

GETkristiLOVE said...

They are not training wheels, now they are props.

3vil gEnius said...

You are both more than welcome to lick whatever you'd like off my head to your hearts' content.

SkylersDad said...

Since you mentioned women shaving their heads and experiencing a boost in their sex lives, I wanted to share that when my wife was going through Chemo for cancer, all of her hair fell out. She never looked so hot, really!

pistols at dawn said...

I am all for women finding our entropy and atrophy attractive.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

"It's entirely possible that bald men as a category are good as lovers and fighters"

Hmmm. Well, mine's receding. So, I wonder if that makes me an "okay" fighter & lover? Or, if it continues to recede, will I become a better fighter & lover with age?!

Grant Miller said...

This is all for Kristi, ain't it?

What is your opinion of men who go grey before their time? Just asking and all.

Whiskeymarie said...

Man oh man, I love a good bald head on a man.

Wow, that sounded dirty.
I'm fine with that.