Monday, July 21, 2008

Mug 3 of 6

Negative Collage


Gnugs said...

I am out of my depth. Why the mugs? (Beyond the enjoyment of soothingly warm to abrasively hot beverages.) And why do they come in a series?

(This minion is lacking in brainpower today. My apologies, oh Great And Powerful Leader.)

3vil gEnius said...

Short Answer: Yours is not to reason why, yours is but to do and die.

Long Answer: [SPOILER ALERT: This actually explains the mugs. Read no further if you enjoy a bit of mystrery in your blog posts.] Kodak threatened to delete all my pictures if I didn't order something. I have no children of my own to put on a mug, so I started playing with some of the more ridiculous photos in my folders. Instead of spending like ¢35 on a random print, I decided mugs were the way to go to keep my online albums alive.

In a late-night-informercial style spenindg spree, I may have put one too many in my shopping cart. A few days later when the huge brown box (the top of which can be seen in each photo) showed up on my "Leave" matt, I had a hands-to-temples moment of buyer's remorse.

While I sat there in my mug-strewn living room laughing at my own stupididty, I realized that the ridiculousness of my own insanity would at least serve as some good blog fodder.

And by making it a photo series without explinations, it kind of becomes art. Sorta.

Next year when I have to order something again, I am going to get a mug with a picture of all my other mugs on it.