Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Mustard

The mustard is dead. Long live the mustard.


Gifted Typist said...

Oh the tragedy

Anonymous said...

Is Grant still alive?

cardiogirl said...

You realize, right, that I know want to leave a ton of comments just to push you over the record of nine. But I fear multiple comments by one person will negate the overall number.

My first response to the family-sized bottle of mustard (after I laughed at the way Safeway is trying to ensure the safety of the human race) was -- did you check the expiration date? Did you use all of it before it expired??

So I will step back to the sidelines and pray that you receive ten valid comments, so as to surpass your own personal record.

cardiogirl said...

DAMMIT! Can you edit that and then delete this one??

I meant to say "You realize, right, that I NOW want to leave a ton of comments..."

Undone by the letter K.

Maybe subconsciously I *wanted* to leave that second comment to help you reach your goal. I'm sorry.

Evil Genius said...

Typist: Amen.

Suze: Who cares at a time like this? Let's focus on what's important here!

Cardio: 9 was the old record, 27 is the new record. You're gonna need more typos.

Red said...


10's not a record. There have been posts whose comments topped 20, though some of them were EG dropping in to respond to comments. However, it's great to have you as a newer reader. Please don't think I'm a bitch and go away!

Evil Evil Genius said...


WTF? Did you not just read what I wrote? I don't want to start an argument in the comments section (again,) but seriously, do you ever listen to me? The timestamps are close, so maybe you never saw my comment. I'll give you the benifit of the doubt once more, but only because even though you're a bitch you are smokin' hot one.


Red said...


I read it, but it was early in the morning, or I was having a blonde moment or something.

Red said...

So I thought that 27 was the record for typos. (I also thought you were exaggerating.)

Red said...

I will be going to Pilates again tonight as part of my continuing effort to stay smokin' hot, just for you. You better take back the bitch comment, though, or I'll show you what one looks like!

Red said...

(I mean with pictures, of course. I'm incapable of being a bitch myself.)

Damn, violated the rule of "comedy in threes." But hey, more comments!

3vil gEnius said...

Very well. Please let the word "bitch" be stricken from the record, and let "social retard" be used in its place.

cardiogirl said...

This is awesome! (Are my teen years from the 80s showing?) It's like a live Twitter conversation in your comment section! I do feel I can speak freely now, typos be damned.

So while I enjoyed your banter, I never got an answer to my main query.

The expiration date, man. Was this good mustard or were you way past the date?

And Red, thanks for the warm welcome. At my pad I have borrowed "Betch", "ShetBag" and "Deck" from comedian Liam Sullivan who does "Kelly." She says "ShetBag" in the first 40 seconds of this YouTube clip.

Now back to the long-winded point: I didn't think you were a bitch *or* a betch, Red.