Friday, July 18, 2008

The Non-Title Title Track of the Week

The song "The Battle of Who Could Care Less" contains the line Whatever and Ever, Amen.


cardiogirl said...

Are you reading my mind with these albums?

I do own the disc and I like Kate ("I think she smokes pot"), Song for the Dumped ("And don't forget
to give me back my black T-shirt")
and the overplayed One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces.

I have a favorite stanza from OADA200SF:

"Don't give me that bullshit,
you know who I am.
I'm your nightmare little man.
Vic you stole my lunch money, made me cry.
Jane remember second grade ?
said you couldn't stand my face..
rather than kiss me
you said you'd "rather die.."

Good times. I think I'm going to have to listen to the CD today.

Red said...

Actually, CG, I posted this one. I like Ben lots, but not nearly as much as my brother does. While some guys express their Ben ultra-fandom by showing up at concerts dressed like him, my bro expresses his by learning to play his stuff on the piano, which is fun to have in the family. I've seen Ben in concert six times, mostly b/c of my bro.

I like almost all of his stuff, with "Kate" being a fave (if you don't know "Zak and Sara" or the _Rockin' the Suburbs_ album you should check it out, although it's also on _Ben Folds Live_ which is a must-own, IMHO.

Red said...

This is one of the greatest albums released in my lifetime. Man, I effing love Ben Folds.

And Rockin' the Suburbs and Ben Folds Live ARE must owns in anyone's opinion who knows anything about good music.

This comment is ridiculous, but then, so is my love for Ben.

Evil Genius said...

My favorite Ben line of all time and a major bonding point for Red and me: "Grew a moustache and a mullet/ Got a job at Chic-Fil-A."