Friday, July 11, 2008

Red's Non-Title Title Track of the Week

The title of this album comes from the first line of "I Won't Need You Anymore", the last song on Side One. I know that not many of you listen to country, but you have to believe me when I say that this is a very good record and you'll be doing yourself a favor if you pick it up. (Note to self: Pick up copy of this record on CD.) I like the lyric to this song so well I've decided to reproduce the first verse here.

"You're my Always and Forever
You're the one that hung the moon
After all these nights together
I still get lost in your perfume
And if I could write a love song
Every line would tell the truth
(Refrain) When you see me walk on water
When the sea don't reach the shore
When the fires of hell freeze over
I won't need you anymore."


cardiogirl said...

This feels like I will go to Hell for making this comment, but here we go.

My sister-in-law had a chance to act as a caddy at a large, celebrity infused golf tournament a long time ago.

She caddied for Amy Grant and her first husband Garry Chapman. Mr. Chapman revealed the Randy Travis was a closeted homosexual man. Even though he was secretly married to his manager, Lib Hatcher, who is currently 68.

Travis is 49.

So while I'm not sure if it's true, every time I see Randy Travis I think, "Garry Chapman said he was gay and that he just married his manager who is almost 20 years older than him as a beard.

(Ding, ding)

Ooops, that's my stop. Gotta leave for Hell now...

Red said...

I don't think you're going to hell, CG. I wouldn't be surprised if that were true. It would make me a little sad for Randy, b/c I think he's probably the kind of Christian who thinks all gays go to hell, but it wouldn't make me think any less of his music, which I've enjoyed thoroughly for more than two decades.