Thursday, August 07, 2008

Alt-Rock Band with a Guy Named Ian #10

Motörhead (clearly not alt-rock, but he was also briefly in The Damned)

(aka Ian Fraser Kilmister
aka Ian Willis)


lulu said...

Lemmy is also in HeadCat, a metalbilly band with Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats, that counts as "alt" doesn't it?

Evil Genius said...

Lulu: That is cool. I did not know that. But I really didn't expect anyone to argue with Lemmy.

Leonesse said...

Why did he change his last name? I love it.

pistols at dawn said...

Nice! And unexpected. ACE OF SPADES! ACE OF SPADES!

Evil Genius said...

Leonesse: What's so cool about "Willis?"

Pistols: I'm cuckoo for Coco Puffs!