Sunday, August 24, 2008

Picture It: Sunday, the Shenandoah River...

Large, not-at-all-attractive man in a tube, to Red: Miss, did you know your shoes are wet?*

Red, to two of her girlfriends, sotto: Gee, sir, that's an incredibly witty remark. Would you maybe like to buy me some dinner later? You're the man I've always dreamed of!

3G, no matter how crazy you get, I'm stayin'.

*Note: The "gentleman" in this story was much larger than the dude pictured.


pistols at dawn said...

I would have gone with, "With lines and a look like that, that's the only kind of tubes you'll be getting near, you desperate, sad man."

Evil Genius said...

You were in WV...toobin'! What caliber of gentlemen and what sort of witty repartee were you 'spectin?

SkylersDad said...

Did the issue you a banjo when you crossed the state line?

David said...

Like shooting fish in a barrel...

Leonesse said...

That's the most I have ever heard Uncle Earl say. It has something to do with that bad batch of moonshine.

Red said...


Um, duh, you're both funnier and meaner than I.


I wasn't looking for _any_ caliber of gentleman (should I be?); it was a girls' day out! My puzzlement comes from this dude thinking he might have _any_ sort of success with a line like that while toobin'. Or with me, for that matter.


WV can barely afford to issue drivers' licenses!


Welcome back. Haven't seen you in a while.


Your family must be so proud.