Friday, August 22, 2008

The post in which I answer the question, "Hey, you snooty prick! Why don't you read my blog anymore?"

Well, the first and obvious answer is that I am evil. In fact, I am currently Evil, Evil, Evil.

The second and less obvious reason is that I recently purchased a Nintendo Wii video gaming entertainment console. And it is my sad duty to inform you that the princess is actually in the other castle. And it may be a while before I determine which castle that is.

I have also been occupied with a series of secret missions, the nature of which I cannot divulge. In most part because they are of a decidedly un-evil nature, but also because it is real-life stuff that I ain't gonna be blabbing about.

Then comes the hard part... your blog, it's still good and all, but let's face it - you've been letting it slip. Hey, it's not like I read it that much to begin with, right? But really, you've done better. I know you are capable of more than this. Push yourself. For me!

Red is still more than happy to read your blog. She may not leave the same witty and concise* comments that I would, but at least she is representin' for WILATU. Besides, do you have any idea how long it takes to get down my blogroll? Well of course you do, you have a pretty decent sized blogroll yourself. But you also have that new fancy widget that shows you when everything was last updated. Gee, what a time saver! Well guess what? I have spent a lot of work making your avatar link,** and I am not going to delete it now.

WILATU just turned three. Give me a break. So I am not as involved in the blogosphere as I used to be. I'll get back in full swing. Eventually.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to handing out homework assignments for Project Mayhe....hey! hey! *ahem*. I mean I have to get back to handing out homeless...sign-men...from the projects...soup and warm blankets. Yes, that is what I have to get back to doing.

TTFN :^)

* "Brevity is the soul of wit." - as spoken by Lord Polonius in William Shakespeare's Hamlet

** I even had to go so far as creating an avatar † for some of you lazy bastards.

Twice for a few of you.


Red said...

It is an honor to be able to represent WILATU throughout the blogosphere. Plus, my job is less demanding than his. Also lower paying. It's amazing how often those go hand in hand. Though I've had jobs that were more demanding and significantly lower paying than this o... yeah, what he said about brevity.

FranIAm said...

Yeah, I practically get up and sing fracking Sto Lat when WILATU turns 3 and what do I get?


You are evil, but frankly evil has its own attractions. So ignore me, see if I care. I will continue to come here and leave the same wordy and potentially annoying comments, sometimes even in Polish.


Dziękuję bardzo. Na nic!


Dale said...

It's something I didn't say isn't it?

GETkristiLOVE said...

Well, I wish I only knew how long it took to get down your blog roll... but alas, I will have to defer to Red on this.

lulu said...

Polonius is a buffoon, you know that right?

SkylersDad said...

It's OK, we all like Red sooo much better than you anyway!

pistols at dawn said...

I figure that the less often you're around, the fewer opportunities you'll have to kill me, so it all comes out even in the end.

Anonymous said...

You're forgiven if Wii is involved.

Red said...


You're spot on with the evil having it's own attractions thing.


Quite possibly.




Well, _I_ know that. Not to knock 3G, who's really quite brainy, but I think he was just happy to have a Shakespeare quote close to hand.


Aww, shucks!


I won't really let him kill you. In the first place, reading your blog is part of my day and in the second, conjugal visits just don't seem like the way to go.


Are you Catholic, too?

Doc said...

Sorry about the poor state of my blog EG. What can I do to pander to your genius? Would more quotes help?


Evil Genius said...

In which I respond to your comments:

Red, aparently vivacious, loquacious red-heads are what I like about the universe.

Fran, arguing in Polish is an expression of love.

Dale, yes.

GkL, it takes a long time, but the first inch or so is all that really matters.

Lulu, more importantly -Red knows that.

SD, if I had an ass like that I would like me better too!

Pistols, I'm really only going to need one opportunity. Just make sure you don't move away from the X while my Rube Goldberg devices goes through its delightful machinations.

Suze, Super Mario Galaxy may as well come with a glass pipe.

Red again? How did I not see this comment before? And what does Wii have to do with catholicism?

Doc, I prefer monkeys in people clothes. But puppet jokes are good, too.

Gnugs said...

YAY! I'm one of the twicers!

wow.... I'm an elitist...

Leonesse said...

It's because I haven't posted any Argyle, isn't it?

Yes, my blog pretty much sucks since I stopped posting about the town. I'm like that witty person that used to show up at parties and entertain, but now just sits there in the corner looking like Eeyore because the state took 375 cats from the property.

FranIAm said...

The Evil Genius has spoken!

Red is an apt and rather pleasant representative of this blog- carry on Evil, carry on.

Plus I've got more Polish to learn.

Evil Genius said...

Gnugs, you are definitely the pain-in-the-ass I was thinking of when I wrote that.

Leonesse, your still fine without the tweakers. And there is only so much argyle that even I can take. I am just being contrary and surly.

Fran, to clarify I meant arguing in the Polish culture, not necessarily the Polish language.

BeckEye said...

I'm sure it's all that shit I said about Morrissey.

Dale said...

Give me a project, I'll make it up to you. If it involves Wii, so much the better. So much the better? Can I say that?

Evil Genius said...

Becks, it's not so much that as you didn't give Marr equal time.

Dale, practice saying and writing the word color without the letter "U".

Grant Miller said...

I've been letting mine slip for about three years now.


Dale said...

How colourful of you to suggest that I spell incorrectly! Nope, can't do it.