Friday, September 26, 2008

'Cause That Effing Pistols Changed the Way His Blogroll Is Ordered

And when I checked just now, WILATU wasn't even there! Just 'cause we've gone a lousy couple of days without posting? Sorry we can't all post as often as you do, HT. I guess some of us have lives. Excuse us for living.

But you know you're one of my favorites ;;) Even the use of "Effing" in the title is en homage.

Now I'm going to post this and have the easy thrill of being on top for a while. (Which is often not so easy a thrill. Hi-o!)


katrocket said...

Dude, don't be such an effing crybaby.

You should be lovin' this new blogroll thing! I only come here every 2 weeks or so because you don't write very often (me either). But check it out - I got here as soon as I saw you had updated! It's a miracle of technology that you should embrace.

Red said...

Okay, this is weird. B/c apparently you can see me on his blogroll and I can't yet.

I'm not really whining/hating on Pistols. It just popped into my head to write about it.

katrocket said...

Actually, I saw it on my own blogroll! Probably because his blogroll is technically inferior to mine. :-)

SkylersDad said...

I am going to write a program to post something every minute just so I stay on top of everyone's blogroll!

Nah, that would take effort, and we all know that isn't me.

pistols at dawn said...

If posting were somehow cool or tough, I'd come up with some kind of mantra like, "Post hard, or go home." But it's nice to see people changing their lives just for e-recognition from my blogroll.

And I'm all for women on top, mostly because that way I have to put forth even less effort than usual.

Leonesse said...

I like being on top, but it's just too much work. Blogging, that is, you dirty minded freaks.