Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Evil Genius Stimulus Package

Perhaps you are jealous of Red. Lord knows I would be! "How did she land the EG? What has she got that I haven't got?"

The answer is Billy Bragg tickets!

And though I may be the voice of the Radical Middle, she is squarely on the left. Now I know that liberal views generally aren't accepted in the blogosphere, but please hear me out. Red pointed out to me that the song NPWA is extremely apropos of the current U.S. economic situation. Take a few minutes to listen to this clip. Mr. Bragg makes some relevant points.

My being a centrist doesn't make me politically apathetic, it means letting logic dictate over passion on an issue by issue basis. And if you strip away the bleeding-heart hippie bullshit, there are some valid and cogent points here. Government will never be balanced in a manner that would appeal to me and the intentions of TJ, but the pendulum has swung too far to the right. Next election year I promise I will seek out a right wing folk singer to go see. (Any recommendations would be appreciated.)


Some Guy said...

That's a tough one. Nugent?

And thanks for the Billy Bragg.

Red said...

I don't know of any right-wing folk singers, though my hippie-esque HS drama teacher was a Republican and my NYC yoga instructor was an ex-stockbroker who had dropped out, so he might have been one, too. The blogosphere isn't all libs, though. Just most of our corner of it. The guys at "Are You F--king Kidding Me?" seem to lean pretty far right and I bet that there are many others like them who gravitate toward one another.

Oh, look! Another pithy comment by yours truly.

Beth said...

Hell, even Toby Keith came out as a Democrat a few months ago.

You go, Red.

Whiskeymarie said...

Doesn't Bruce Willis have a band? I'd start there.

pistols at dawn said...

All of this doesn't change the fact that NPWA (particularly the album version), and most of that album, suck it hard. And I love Billy Bragg.

"Who appointed them? And how do I replace them with some of my friends?" is some of his laziest writing to date. It's cheap shot populism with bad pop hooks.

But I'll take songs like this if it means he's playing "Between the Wars" or "Little Time Bomb" next.

Red said...

Beth, Toby Keith came out as a Democrat a long time ago, but I seriously doubt that means he'll be voting for Obama. He describes himself as a Democrat in the mold of Zell Miller, and he's hugely pro-military.

Red said...

And when I say that, I certainly don't mean that I'm "anti-military". I've got a brother in the Air Force. But I'd disagree with those who think that you're against the troops if you're against the war.

Evil Genius said...

What I said is that you don't support the troops if you oppose the war. Obviously there are many serving in the military that oppose the war, and they naturally aren't opposed to themselves (perhaps their commanding officer, or that dick who always shows up late and ends up costing everyone else extra duty, but not themselves.) How can you support an individual if you oppose their actions? The word "support" looses meaning. When you clarify that you oppose the war, but you are not anti-military; that I am cool with.

I am, however, staunchly anti-Toby Keith.