Friday, September 12, 2008

New links are up!

There have been additions, promotions, demotions, and some avatar changes. Check to see if you have been affected.


McGone said...

I have been affected. But only because I clicked on that magnificent link. Wait... "magnificent?" No. Ah, yes! "Terrifying!" That's what I was going for.

GETkristiLOVE said...

So I have to date you to get a cool one, eh?

Evil Genius said...


I am not implying that this is an actual photograph of Pistols at Dawn, perhaps just his ego. At any rate, serves him right for 1.) not having an avatar 2.) having more readers than me 3.) having an online presence that begs to be the focus of my creative and destructive talents.


Tell you what, you send me a dirty/racy/naughty/mildly-suggestive e-mail and I'll get working on it.

-Genius, Evil

cardiogirl said...

Damn it all! I LOVE Blowing Shit Up With Gas' avatar. Truly I am Samuel L. Jackson in low tops.

And usually I'm not that happy, more so groovy or annoyed. But hell, I'll take it!


Anonymous said...

I love being an Evil Minion~

GETkristiLOVE said...

No problem, I'll get working on it. I'm all about supporting brilliant artists.

Gnugs said...

Where am I? Oh my god. Updates... scrolling down. Am I still there? Oh jeeze... what if I'm not?!

Oh! There I am...


Don't tease me like that. I take my minion status seriously...

Evil Genius said...


Where you not aware of this when you were previously a Sleeper Agent? Besides, I need someone to be happy around here.


And a fine minion you make!


Work does not commence until my patronage is recieved.


I was thinking of demoting you, but you are the only person who has ever commented on WILATU2(not that I expected anyone to ever find it, let alone comment on it,) so that has to count for something.

-Examplum Gratum

pistols at dawn said...

I really looked good with that mullet. The pubic mullet, that is. Also, I should really splay more when I sit - drives the ladies wild.

BeckEye said...

Thanks. I've always wanted to be a minion!

Catch the Steelers game last night? (Stupid question.) Have you been praying to your dark lord for Ben's shoulder not to fall apart?

Evil Genius said...


It looks good on you. No really.


You have always been a minion! And alphabetically, you are first. Chronologically you are near the top, too.

And yes, of course I watched the game. That is a silly question!


Doc said...

I'm tickled to see my pic under evil minions! This is the best complement I've been paid in a while!


Leonesse said...

Mmmm, beer. You know me so well.