Thursday, October 16, 2008

He's Made My iPod a Better Place

Greetings and salutations. Been a while since there was a Sweet Sixteen around here. In no small part because the Genius doesn't own an iPod.

There are lots of reasons I was really happy when we started dating again. His fabulous CD collection may not make the top ten, but having access to it is definitely a perk. I was listening to my iPod on shuffle while exercising this week, and it amused me quite a bit how these songs fit into "his" (in blue), "hers" (in pink) and "ours" (in purple). None of the blue songs would be on my iPod without him, and the TMBG one wouldn't either, even though it's purple. I like almost everything he listens to, but I would never have heard the blue stuff were I not with the Genius. For the record, there are only 30 or so Smiths songs on my iPod; they just showed up disproportionately on this list.

1. Cage and Aquarium - They Might Be Giants
2. That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore - The Smiths
3. I Know It's Over - The Smiths
4. Passenger Seat - Death Cab for Cutie
5. Trampled Under Foot - Led Zeppelin
6. Unhappy Birthday - The Smiths
7. Down - Miranda Lambert
8. New Fool At An Old Game - Reba McEntire
9. Everyone's a Little Bit Racist - Avenue Q, Original Broadway Cast
10. Little Red Rodeo - Phil Vassar
11. Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes
12. Alison* - Elvis Costello
13. Hot Hot Hot!!! - The Cure
14. California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade - The Decemberists
15. We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This - George Strait
16. The Same Deep Water As You - The Cure

*I first learned this because of EG, but I liked Elvis so much after being introduced to him that I picked this up while we were apart.


Beth said...

Red, you’ve been tagged!

Now I need to go back and read your post, Red.

Beth said...

Excellent playlist.

pistols at dawn said...

Some days, I wish Morrissey and Robert Smith would have a mope-off.