Friday, October 03, 2008

Stephen, or Stephen Patrick? Vol. 2

"Oh, that lawyer's son, the one who mumbles.
Short and boring,
Yes, he's hardly worth ignoring..."

-from A Little Night Music


Red said...

The only song I really know from ALNM (other than "Send in the Clowns" obvs) is "The Miller's Son." That song effing rules.

Red said...


I love having you around - it's nice not to be the only one who knows (or cares) about this stuff.

SkylersDad said...

My favorite version of Send in the clowns is by Lou Rawls.

pistols at dawn said...


I'm glad you found each other. However, you are the only two who care about these things. Like fans of electric typewriters, you're a rare, dying breed.


Guy who listens to music too terrible for it to ever become popular.

Leonesse said...

All of this goes right over my head. Pass me a beer and explain.

Anonymous said...

I've ignored people who were both short and boring. Does that count?

Red said...


Sondheim is reported to have said that if he'd known what a big hit that song would become, he never would have written it. In context, I like it lots, though it's almost as overdone as "Wind Beneath My Wings" or some such.


I've actually got lots of other actor friends who care about "these things". I ran into him once crossing the Waterloo Bridge in London once and a friend and I were struck completely dumb for at least half an hour we were so excited.


Great American composer/lyricist. Among other things, he did the lyrics for West Side Story and the music and lyrics for Dick Tracy. Bernadette Peters has done a lot of his stuff, to name one of many.



Evil Genius said...

My vote for best version of "Send in the Clowns"?

K the C trying to win back Sideshow Mel.