Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mr. Von Bakonstein goes to Washington part 2

We returned geared up for the weather. Even though the thermometer was reading 39°, the wind added an additional chill which made it feel much colder (I am not sure what the exact meteorological term for that is.) You can see that Red is wearing her Arctic 180° earmuffs and my L.L. Bean parka rated for -30°* and that her nose is almost the same color as her hair. I had on a light-weight sweater and a baseball cap.

Frozen redheads are still hot.

Fernando kept complaining about not being able to see.

Possible redesign for the obverse of the 2010 penny.

So Red gave him a boost.

So this redhead walks into a bar with a pig on her head...

Much better. Hey, that guy is from Illinois, too!

I suddenly feel compelled to buy a mattress.
Fernando did not have an easy time at the five dollar bill memorial. These steps were not designed for even-toed ungulates. (He is the pink speck 5 steps up.)

Just like the spam you just deleted - click here to enlarge.

The FDR memorial is designed to be universally accessible. This includes ADA compliant ramps and awe-inspiring giant Braille letters (which later had to be replaced after someone explained to the *ahem* well-intentioned designers that after about an inch tall Braille becomes undecipherable.) Too bad I didn't have the time stamp on, this was actually taken on December 7th.**

So do you have a new New Deal that could help us?

To be fair the quotes and messages were worth reading/feeling. This is one of Red's favorites, though we had to assure Fernando that it was not anti-swine rhetoric.

Where is the 'after' statue?In this picture I prove that a pig's butt is cuter than Eleanor Roosevelt. Tell me I'm wrong. You can't, can you?

In-SPIRE...get it? I love obelisk humor!Moving on. Our nation's phallic symbol never fails to inspire.

Kucinich mistakenly believed this to be a UFO hovering over the tidal basin.
Onto the oft-overlooked TJ shrine which was modeled after the museum-go-round.

Which way to the Sally Hemmings Memorial?
If you look past the slavery, you can feel the impassioned pride that inspired the birth of our nation. That all men, and women, and plastic pigs are created equal and that this is a land of boundless opportunity and hope.

Pork we can believe in.Someday, pig. Someday.

Fernando says, 'Always remember to burn your tapes.A trip to the Nixon Memorial (the Watergate Hotel) helps give things a little more perspective. Now for the hour and a half drive to get 8 miles back to the Evil Lair.

*That nets out to 189°.

**Yes, I realize it has taken me a long damn time to post these pictures. Thanks for your well-intentioned manner of pointing that out.


Flannery Alden said...

The word you're looking for is Windchill.

Great pix, EG and Red! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Fernando in 2012!

McGone said...

Did he get to do any filibustering? The pig is always filibustering around here whenever he gets a chance.

Doc said...

The Hope joke made the whole thing for me.

Smashing! Simply smashing!


SkylersDad said...

Nice tour, now I don't ever have to visit there myself and get the stench of politicians all over my clothes.

pistols at dawn said...

I'm going to hire other people to go outside during winter and take pictures to remind me it's too cold to go outside.

Beth said...

I'm going to be in DC next month!

Red said...

Um, Pistols? We did it for you for free. Whiskeymarie's blog is also a good source for "pictures of people outside when it's effing, cold." You don't have to pay for it, honey. (When's the last time you heard that from a woman? ;-P) From the lifestyle you describe on SYG you couldn't anyway.

dguzman said...

First time here at the universe, and already a "Babe" reference. I love you! I love the pig!