Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm Gone for a Couple Weeks and THIS Is What I Come Back To?

My parents' Internet* was down and then I was kinda busy so I didn't read anyone's blog for a couple of weeks. (Sorry.) Then I signed on to "The International House of Blogcakes" yesterday only to find out that our good buddy McGone is hanging up his shingle. Now, as practically the laziest blogger in this here sphere (I'd still just be commenting copiously if EG4K hadn't needed me to help him out that time), I really have no room to complain if someone says, "I just don't feel like blogging anymore." Perhaps McGone will continue to drop in and leave kickass comments**. But this marks, among other things, the end of Illustration Fridays***.

In fact, I'd like to compile a list of ten things that were great about the IHOB. But first, I promised Pistols that I'd admit that I totally ripped the idea for this post from his post on the same theme. If you haven't checked it out, it's surpisingly sweet. Especially for something written by Pistols.

So, ten things I'll miss about the IHOB:

10. McGone changing the header all the time.
9. His seizing of any flimsy excuse to post a picture of Kristen Bell.
8. Posts entitled "__ Things You Can Determine from Looking at a Picture of McGone Circa __"
7. His movie reviews. For movies I usually wasn't planning to see, but they were well written.
6. "Who Ya Got?"
5. "Random True Confessions of a Pop Culture Blogger"
4. The many illustrations he posted. The boy can draw.
3. The way he always referred to his girlfriend as "The Girl." Capital "T", capital "G". It's sweet.
2. McGone digs redheads. Smart boy.

And the number one thing I, and I imagine some of you, will miss about the International House of Blogcakes...

1. The pig. I'm REALLY glad WILATU got to host him before McGone signed off.

McGone, you will be missed. Hope to see you around the comments sections. Slainte.

*The AP style guide dictates that we should always capitalize "Internet." Lame!
**Some of them complete with footnotes!
***Not an actual weekly feature, which was one of McGone's trademarks. ****
****Not unlike footnote humor.


McGone said...

If I knew people were going to say such nice things about me, I would have quit months ago!

Thank you, my dear. I'll be around. And I may even return to blogging in some form in the future. But for now, it was time to live up to my screen name and get gone for at least a little while.

And thanks to you and EG for hosting the pig. I had quite a bit of fun with that little guy, and I'm more than a little envious that he got to hang out with some great people that I haven't been fortunate enough to meet in person.

Evil Genius said...

I shall ceremoniously spill some of my 40 on the curb as I slide his avatar down to the MIA section with moistened eyes.

FranIAm said...

Gone McGone Gone. The pig is gone too.

Deep sigh.

Hi Red. Missed you.

Doc said...

The holidays must have been rough on several people. I just redid my blogroll only to find out that a handful of folks are hanging up their keyboards. poop.

Well, I'm glad to see you back at the helm and this was a grand tribute. I hope somebody says nice things like this for me when I cash in.


Andy Rooney said...

Nice job following AP Style Guide!

I'm holding my breath that McGone will return one day in the not too, too, too distant future. But who knows?

pistols at dawn said...

Sadness does indeed reign supreme these days.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

I KNOW!! I leave the country and I come back to IHoB & Fernando gone! And I have been begging Fernando for months to come away with me to the Caribbean. I don't know how I am going to make it.