Friday, February 27, 2009

My Rock Chick Idol

The Pretenders are one of those bands that I liked when I heard them, but didn't really get into until I met EG. We missed them at the 9:30 Club back in Fall of '06. So when I found out that they were coming back, I hustled to the box office for tickets.

I was very glad indeed that I did. A review of their new album (which I bought for concert prep; good and a little folky) basically said that these days, the Pretenders are Chrissie Hynde and whatever guys she's taking around the country with her these days. She formed the band more than three decades ago and she's still rocking hard.

The set list:
"Boots of Chinese Plastic"*
"Don't Cut Your Hair"*
"Talk of the Town"
"Message of Love"
"The Nothing Maker"*
"Love's A Mystery"*
"Back on the Chain Gang"
"The Last Ride"*
"Stop Your Sobbing"
"Day After Day"
"Don't Get Me Wrong"
"Brass in Pocket"
"Bad Boys Get Spanked"
"Tattooed Love Boys"***
"Break Up the Concrete"*

1st Encore:

2nd Encore:
"The Wait"
And sadly, I don't know the name of the last one. I've written "Deep in my Head", but a google search yielded nothing. If anyone (cough)Beth(cough) happens to know the name, please let me know. Thanks!

The drawing, btw, is one EG did when we got home based on a quick little sketch he did during one of the songs.

Something kinda funny happened on our way out. Chrissie is big into PETA and there were some guys handing out fliers when we left.

"Chrissie Hynde asked us to give these out," they told us. I took one. EG was having none of it.

"It's okay," he said, "Chrissie Hynde said I don't have to take one."

*Off their latest album, Break up the Concrete.
Not to be confused with that song Pee Wee Herman danced to.
***Wouldn't know it without you, Coffey. Thanks.


red said...

Chrissie Hynde is a goddess and Brass in Pocket is one of my all time favorite songs.

SkylersDad said...

Nice comeback by EG!

BeckEye said...

Chrissie Hynde is a rockin' chick, but my rock chick idol has always been Stevie Nicks. Who knew that a chick could wear flowing, gossamer dresses and still kick so much ass?

Suze said...


lulu said...

I've seen the Pretenders a couple of times, but not for at least 10 years. She is AMAZING!

Dale said...

I saw them way back when and Iggy Pop opened which was cool. Loved the show and this review. PETA this Chrissie!

pistols at dawn said...

I heard her do a live performance on the radio, and it was enough for me to listen to two full songs, which is a lot for me these days. Then, I probably switched over to some NPR story about Myanmar.