Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Shoe Post

Red and I tried to clean out DSW yesterday. She had a coupon and a return to attend to. I was just biding time to go buy a part for my Jeep. But I got sucked in and almost bought more shoes than she did. Only because of their impressive offerings in Converse, which I had planned on buying a new pair of anyway.

Red didn't do too bad herself. She was able to find a few pairs she liked, and a few pairs I liked so much that I bought for her. (BTW gentlemen, if you are ever looking for a guaranteed score - take your significant other shoe shopping and offer to buy her an extra pair. Makes flowers look like some weak rookie shit.)

Since Red bought 4 pair and I bought 3, it is time for us to give you a little fashion show. Behold the coolness, and pretend like you're interested.

EG #1 - My pre-washed olive and natural Converse. These are unique as they are All Stars, but not Chuck Taylor's. They also have metal aglets on the laces and contoured soles.

EG #2 Special edition Jack Purcell Converse. These are designed as slip-ons with false eyelets. The bottom part of the tongue is sewn in and the top has elastic on the sides. The soles are also black and tan with special edition logo crap on them.

EG #3. Red and blue plaid Jack Purcell's. These were a must. They are a brief summary of my personality in shoe form. They are also special editions, but have the traditional Jack's bottoms.

Red #1. Zip front Keds. Adding a little panache to casual Fridays.

Red #2 - Bronze ballet flat/yoga shoe hybrids displayed in third position. An excellent alternative to her otherwise ubiquitous Mary Jane's. Click to zoom in and check out the ostrich skin texture (please excuse my lack of vacuuming.)

Red #3 - Super cute tres femme abbreviated Nike sneakers in navy with a tiny lime green swoosh.

Red #4 - The coup de grace and possibly the coolest shoes in the known universe - silver glitter disco ball Chuck Taylor low tops. (The sexy eye patch is not just a fun accessory, but also helps Red in her recovery from some MS induced double vision. The Elvis tee was once mine, but has long since been hijacked by the Scarlet Pirate.)

Her jeans are hitched up a bit to show them off in the pic below. Please be advised that these shoes are kept in a safe deposit box which requires two keys to open, of which Red and I each wear one around our necks on unbreakable metal cords. (I'm looking at you Cardiogirl!)

Thus concludes our Memorial Day shoe shopping post. We also went to see Star Trek, which Red plans to do a review on shortly (but almost assuredly not concisely.)


cardiogirl said...

You don't know how happy that makes me, EG, to know there are two keys that are synchronized in an effort to keep those shoes safe.

Well, I guess you do. But it's still nice to see there are a few other people out there who understand how much the Converse show needs to be loved and admired.

Now onto those Jack Purcell slip-ons with false eyelets. I cannot get behind Jack, I'm just going to say that upfront. My allegiance is to Chuck Taylor.

However, there are quite a few slip-ons in the style of Chuck and I've been resistant.

Do you have a snug fit, do they feel like they're going to fall off? I haven't found a store that sells them so I haven't had a chance to actually try a pair on.

And when I'm going for a cool pattern usually I have to buy them online.

Do tell and I fully approve and admire your Converse purchases. Way to stimulate the economy!

Red, your shoes are cute too, but we need to get you into a pair of low tops. Maybe navy to ease you into it.

cardiogirl said...

Red, I'm so sorry I missed those disco ball low tops at the end there. How the hell did that happen? Especially since those are the pair that are under lock and key.

Damn, apparently I have not had enough coffee yet and was side tracked by the slip-ons.

Way to turn it out on a rockin' pair of low tops. No navy for you, you crazy minx!

Well done!

Red said...

Guys, if you don't start with a woman who's crazy about you, just buying her shoes may not work. It also helps if she's in her 30s. (Maybe her 40s work well, too; I don't know yet.)

Anonymous said...

you just don't get to see/ hear the word 'aglet' too frequently. thank you for making my day!

SkylersDad said...

Plaid tennis shoes. My world is complete now EG!

Dot said...

I am blinded by the coolness

Or maybe it's the carpet clashing with the discoball sneakers.

Whiskeymarie said...

I have slip-on Chucks that I LOVE. In fact, I was thinking that I need another pair in a different color.

The navy Nikes that Red bought are FAB- if she wears a 9-1/2 I will be over shortly to steal them.

GETkristiLOVE said...

No argyle Converse for Red?

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