Monday, May 04, 2009

Wolverine: A Review from a Non-Fan Boy's Perspective

Heading into this weekend, I'd seen all the X-Men movies because of EG. We watched the first two at home in preparation for seeing X-Men: The Last Stand when it came out. I didn't know what I was getting into, but I enjoyed the flicks. I know jack about comics, but I saw Ian McKellan (who plays Magneto) onstage when I studied in London. I'd also seen footage of Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart (who plays Charles Xavier) from their days at the Royal Shakespeare Company, which gave me an appreciation for their history together that I'd imagine most fan boys lack.

He would have had no reason, really, to think I wouldn't want to see Wolverine, but he still phrased it well. "Hey," he said, "wanna go see Hugh Jackman with his shirt off?" Yes, please! I was a little worried that the teens in the row behind us would be annoying during the movie because they were during the previews, but my boyfriend the badass took care of that by turning around and glaring at them a couple of times. That was all it took. : )

Once the credits rolled, I was excited to see Ryan Reynolds name, but especially so to see Liev Schreiber's. I probably first saw Liev in Walking and Talking, an indie film one of my girlfriends likes, and caught his act again in Kate and Leopold, which was quite possibly where he met Hugh Jackman. During my time in New York, though, I saw him on Broadway in Harold Pinter's Betrayal and in Shakespeare in the Park, where he played the title role in Henry V in the summer of 2002, I think? He's got serious chops, as theatre people say, and he was great as Victor/Sabretooth. Whoever does these movies gets high marks from me for casting people who can actually act. I'm fine with Liev keeping it all on, but he's sexy nonetheless because he's so talented. Sure, he's playing a bad guy, but he's a very satisfactory bad guy.

The first part of the movie has a very pleasing amount of beefcake. Ryan Reynolds never takes his shirt off, but neither does that shirt have sleeves. So while he's executing some relatively impressive fight choreography his arms look positively edible. Hugh Jackman is also full on naked for a little while, though the lower body stuff is minimized and there's certainly no full frontal. Which I'm not complaining about. If there were, it would be completely gratuitous. His ass looks great even when he's in pants, but it's funny - my reaction to Hugh Jackman, hottie though he is, is rather dispassionate. I admire him as a marvelous physical specimen and yet I don't want to jump on him like a trampoline. (Ryan Reynolds, on the other hand...Hey, did you know he's actually married to Scarlet Johanson now? It was very recently that I even heard they were dating.) isn't my type, but he handles his role quite capably.

There are also some good lookin' young'uns - whoever they've got playing Gambit and whoever plays the young Cyclops. Gambit is more or less full grown but Cyclops, in this film, is what I refer to as a puppy. Basically, any guy who's under 25 is a puppy; Cyclops is 21, tops. (There are a couple of puppies in the show I'm doing now. One of them is very cute indeed but thinking of them in those terms helps me to keep them in their proper place in my thoughts.)

The writing and the plot are good, too. The main bad guy is odious and he gets his at the end in a satisfying fashion. EG felt that things got a little cheesy in spots, but I didn't really notice; this is essentially a melodrama so a little bit of cheese doesn't bother me. I give it four stars (out of a possible five). There's only one main girl, but she's pretty, I'd say. And there is plenty of eye-candy for the ladies, but that's a good thing since we're the ones who are probably sitting there to humor the men.


SkylersDad said...

I enjoy the Xmen series, and was always a fan of the comic book series. Thanks for the unbiased review.

Rassles said...

I've only seen the bootleg version, with all the incomplete special effects and guys suspended from cables during fight scenes. And basically, those are all that was probably worth seeing. It's a shame how Hugh is all fluffy personality now, after making so many movies where he doesn't play Wolverine. Loses the feral hotness.

BeckEye said...

Hey, lady, if you're not gonna use the trampoline, move aside. I'll get on that.

I also dig Liev Schrieber. I always thought he was kind of odd looking, but I saw him on Broadway in Talk Radio and thought he was very sexy. I've liked him ever since then. And I saw him at the Tribeca Film Festival once. Nice. Of course, he was there with Naomi Watts who is ridiculously gorgeous.

Memphis Steve said...

You don't like puppies? Demi Moore would beg to differ.

red said...

Gambit is played by the glorious Tim Riggins...err...Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights. He's the main reason I want to see this movie.

Mary said...

I'm with you on Ryan Reynolds vs. Hugh Jackman. They're both nice looking slabs of man, but RR comes across as a lot more... fun.

My only man-related complaint about "Wolverine" is that Agent Zero never got his shirt off. He turned out to be quite the cool drink of water.

GETkristiLOVE said...

"Ooooh.... shiny."

Hugh Jackman has too much hair. Give me Patrick Stewart any day of the week and I'll even do front flips.

wileykylie said...

I just love all of them - AND - they filmed here in Sydney. They did an event for the children's chairty I work at and had the kids on set one day. I soooo wish I'd gotten to go. Hugh is a gorgeous physical specimen and a gorgeous person as well, but for yum factor, Ryan (yes, in my head we're on a first name basis) is the man-candy for me. And Liev is my brain candy. Hell, give me all three. I'm greedy.

Whiskeymarie said...

I don't want to see this movie, even though I live with a comic book geek. I just can't. These kind of movies make me all itchy and uncomfortable, even with all the luscious man-meat. Too much action and testosterone, I think.

And- is it wrong that, out of all the lovely man-beasts in this movie, I get most hot & Bothered by a guy named Liev?

Cap'n Ergo "XL" Jinglebollocks said...

I'm sorry, did you say something?