Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So I'm Not the Scarlet Pirate IRL Anymore

As EG mentioned in The Shoe Post, the MS was causing double vision. Apparently, it's a common symptom, but not one I've dealt with before. I haven't driven in over a month - can't believe how much gas prices have gone up in that time - but yesterday I went eye-patch free the whole day. Partly, truth be told, because I thought it was in my purse and it wasn't. By the time I was on my way home there were some people with two heads and such. This morning, as yesterday morning, I only have it in my blind spot. But that still makes me leary of driving. Soon, I hope. EG needs me as DD for a barbecue this weekend and I'm roadtripping to the Jersey shore to rendezvous with some of my very long time girlfriends the weekend after. At least that's the plan. If I can't drive one of the girls says she'll meet my bus, which is great, but I'd like to have my own wheels.

The double vision was one thing, but starting middle of last week I was also having a hell of a hard time walking, so I decided to try a course of steroids. Weird how my doctor kind of leaves it up to me, but I guess I know what's going on in my body. I've been walking with a cane that the Genius has from when he pulled a muscle in his leg. (I'm pretty sure the originial muscle pull occurred during drunken Mardi Gras escapades in N'Awlins, but the prudent girlfriend doesn't ask questions. Me darlin' man is far closer to an angel than most, anyway.) The muscle pull has recurred at times, so he has a couple of canes. I'm using the one that doesn't have beads wrapped around a lot of it. (No beads at all, in fact.) I like the handle better. Yesterday I was still walking with it but I didn't need it nearly as much as on the few days previous. I can walk a lot faster with it, though.

I like The Scarlet Pirate as a title. Rather like I've hijacked the blog and am keeping EG tied up in a trunk on his porch. Not like he's not about ten times stronger than I am, but we women are wily; it could happen. Maybe. He actually has a trunk he'd probably fit in (smart move letting me know that, Baby!), but I'd never get it cleaned out and on the porch without him noticing. Assuming I could even drag it to the porch. (Snap out of it, Red.)

The most interesting thing about going around with an eye patch was the stares I'd get from little kids. Sometimes I'd pull it up so they could see my eye was still there and still okay. "See, it looks fine," I'd tell them, "it just doesn't see right right now." "Where'd you get it?" one little girl asked me (a grownup did, too). The answer is CVS - less than four bucks if any of you were thinking you'd like to go that route come Halloween.

Though I'm lucky enough to be employed, I'm nonetheless job hunting and quite busy just now, so posting may be sporadic. Sorry. If any of you wanna guest post, just give me a shout at the email on my profile. And if any of you have tips on picking up freelance writing work, you can contact me at the same email.

Time for breakfast. Happy Tuesday, gang.


SkylersDad said...

I have a nightly routine where I go around the house checking for anything that could be used to cause me harm and also checking for anything that could be used to dispose of my body.

You can never be too careful with you wily women!

Boldly Serving Up Wheat Grass said...

I've found that, in doing freelance writing work, it pays better to contact marketing & PR directors. I'm not sure why, but PR writing always pays more for me.

"Red the Scarlet Pirate." I like it!

Anonymous said...

I could help you subdue EG if necessary. I carry a bat, cinder block, duct tape and stun gun in my car.