Friday, September 04, 2009

Now That You've All Forgotten I Ever Went to Vermont

First, I was waiting for my friend J. and her roommate to send me these pictures. They did ages ago, but I've been busy. So at last, here are the photos showing my time in the Green Mountain state. Just FYI, the TSA at the Burlington airport is the strictest I've ever seen. Pretty impressive, really.

J. and I went strawberry picking. In the interest of full disclosure, I confess that she picked a larger share than I did of the berries I'm holding. (The farmer gave me grief about it.) They were delicious. I'm quite the strawberry fan.

Pictured here are (L-R) me, J., and her roommate. This was taken at a picnic their program had at Robert Frost's house. Apparently, they now host writers in this house. One will be given it for a while (a year, maybe?) to have peace and quiet and space to write, rent-free. Sounds good to me. It's a lovely locale.

Any trip to Vermont, particularly for someone as into ice cream as I am, must include a trip to the Ben & Jerry's factory. We went, and I'm glad we did, but the one picture I have from there is of the flavor graveyard, and Blogger refuses to upload another pic to this post. Vermont is as green and mountainous as I'd heard, which makes it nice in July. It's peaceful and relaxing. I stayed at a lovely little B&B and generally had a lot of fun on one of the first grown up type vacations I've taken, certainly that I've taken by myself. I don't relish the thought of going there in winter, and I hear tell that the spring thaw brings on what the locals charmingly refer to as "mud season." But I've now been to 47 states (or 45 if we don't count the ones where I've never gotten out of the car), and Vermont is lovely. If relaxation is on your agenda, it gets my vote over beaches any day.

P. S. EG has a thing about Vespas. I took this picture for him.

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Evil Genius said...

You went to Vermont? Wasn't that in July?