Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Netflix search: Ballroom

Background: I bought Red an Arthur Murray gift certificate for her birthday because I am the best boyfriend ever. I have been enjoying the lessons too, for the most part. And not for nothing, but I am moving like Fred Afuckingstaire now.

Because of this we are ready to "graduate" to the next level, which of course requires buying more lessons. So while the studio manager was giving us her pitch, she mentioned a documentary about city kids in ballroom competitions. She couldn't remember the title, but it sounded interesting, so I searched for "ballroom" on Netflix. Of course Strictly Ballroom was the first movie, followed by some instructional videos. I had to capture a screen shot when I scrolled to the bottom of the list. Since it did not come close to the movie I was looking for, I did another search for that documentary about old people singing rock songs, and sure enough it was the first or second recommendation based on that movie.

But now that we have covered the exposition, her it is.
The money shot:

Why I found this incredibly amusing and post-worthy:

How could you ever consider break dancing a form of ballroom?

Even if you did, wouldn't it be like Vol. 87?

Speaking of which, how does Bollywood dancing come up as Vol. 6? Seriously, maybe like Vol. 28. But not even really.

Then there is the big question: When you look at the suggested movies that come up from the break dancing video. LOOK AT THEM. Click on the image to see it larger. How in the hell is there any connection there? Now someone please explain that to me. Do you think someone rented all three of these? How to break dance, how to order wine, and how to make sweet sweet love? Speaking of which, there should be some sort of algorithm that prevents an image of John Cleese being shown next to naked people. I need answers on this. I am losing sleep.


Fran said...

Whoa whoa whoa... here you go again, smashing idols. You mean BALLROOM and BREAKDANCING do not go together? Shit man, you are bringing me down down down.

I don't remember the name of the documentary in question, but I watched it and it made me weep in the best sort of way.

With no breakdancing.

Fred Afuckingstare. Motka boska, listen to you.

Red said...

If you look closely at the Breakdancing video, you will notice two things:

1) It's some kind of German breakdancing person/group and it implies that they're internationally famous.

2) You can't "add" it yet; you can only "save" it. So the ballroom/breakdance movie is a hot new release.

I am kinda like Ginger, in that I do what he does backwards, but not in high heels. I often wear my mirror ball Chuck Taylors; they're quite the hit at the studio.

red said...

The movie you're looking for is called Mad Hot Ballroom.

Netflix is notoriously random with their categories and suggestions.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Careful there kids... did I ever tell you that my parents were both AM dance instructors and that's how they met, fell in love, and had lil' old me?!

I loved both Mad Hot Ballroom and Young & Heart, btw.