Sunday, January 24, 2010

EG 666

Say hello to Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil Genius. This post is pretty much the only place he will ever exist. I can't even pretend to be this evil. But I have made some big changes to the blog layout and have a decent number of posts waiting in the wings, so even though I haven't technically been on hiatus, this still feels like a new start.

Since I would normally up my evil quotient upon a return, I am pulling out this avatar I did after Beckeye made the brilliant suggestion upon seeing (EG)E5. He is pure evil. Just like the pot roast at the end of Time Bandits.

So what is new around here? Well, the cumbersome blogroll is its own blog. You can click on the sidebar to get there. I have done the same with the list. I have also put Red's old avatar up with a little new flair on it. And I spruced up my avatar as well. I am hoping you can't see much difference. It is a vector graphics rendering of the original which took way too long to get to match the pencil sketch I did years back (yes, yearzs) when I got sick of looking at my goofy photo. Also I've added a search bar way at the bottom, which I expect Red will be the only one to ever use.

But if you miss this Evil or any of the other Evils, you can always check EG 666 and the others out over at the gallery of Evil. That makes a total of 8 ancillary blogs I have going that feed back to this, the mothersite. If you can find them all, you get a free bumper sticker and a personal plea from me to find a better use of your free time.


SkylersDad said...

Very good to see you out here again, and I like all the housecleaning you did. Uh oh, you left a little javascript sitting out.

Over there.

No, further over.

No to the right more.

There you go, all tidy now.

Flannery Alden said...

Love the updated avatar...I actually have the t-shirt.

I'm kind of bummmed about losing "Femme Fatale" status, but if it means having you and Red back and posting, so much the better.

Evil Genius said...

SD: I don't have any HTML left between my teeth do I?

FA: I just know I can't reciprocate. I am a blog hermit.But if it makes you feel any better, I went back and put everybody (active) on the same level.

Anonymous said...

I can't keep up with all the Evils. I'm just doing to call you the bad dude and call it a day. I'm glad you and Red will be posting more. You've been missed in blogland.

P.S. Please send that check you promised for saying this right away.

GETkristiLOVE said...

I think you have more avatars than posts now.

Evil Genius said...

SS: That was to "cash", right?

GKL: 1,2,3,4...yep. You're right.