Sunday, January 31, 2010

He Is Both Evil and a Genius

So a while ago, EG and I were exchanging Christmas gifts. I had an envelope with a gift (theatre gift certificates - he did good) as well as a box with various smaller gifts. So the box was my "stocking." Before we started opening our gifts, he told me that one of mine hadn't arrived yet. He didn't say it with any particular evil glint in his eye. He told me I'd know when I opened the rest of my presents. When I got to the bottom of my stocking, there was a copy of Weezer's Raditude CD.

Me: You didn't.
Him: Oh, yes I did.

He got me a Snuggie. As I mentioned in
this post, Snuggies confuse and scare me. Why does my blanket need sleeves? I like it just fine the way it is! But like it or not, I now have one of my very own. See?

It's fairly warm, I'll give it that. But the sleeves don't really make sense to me when there's no kind of collar or anything; it just kind of flops below your shoulders. I'm wearing it as I type this and that's what it's doing. (I'm wearing it in addition to two sweaters and a sweatshirt - it's COLD this weekend.)

An article in Glamour I chanced to read on MSN proclaims, "The Snuggie is adored by all." They had one of their writers walk around New York City (where you can get away with wearing anything because it's New York and there's always someone weirder than you) wearing a Snuggie as outerwear. Which I really don't get because it only covers your front. I mean, you could kinda wrap it around the back of you, but there's no belt or buttons or zipper or anything so you'd be walking around with the back of your "coat" open, and that could be a real bitch depending on which way the wind is blowing relative to where you're going. But if you're interested, the article is here.

Even more than the theatre gift certificates, my big Christmas gift from EG was a GPS, which is truly fantastic. Now that I have it, I'm not sure how I got along without it. Wait, I remember - not very well. On at least two occasions I got into minor car accidents when I was confused about where I was going. EG actually gave me that a few weeks early when I got terribly lost on the way to the clinic (which I'd only been to twice before) to get my meds. It was snowing and I was frustrated and scared and never did find the clinic, despite driving around for almost two hours. (I had to miss work to get my meds the following Monday, but by then I had the GPS.) My favorite thing about having a GPS is that if you miss your turn, it's no big deal! Giles (which is what I've named my GPS voice, he's British) just says, "Recalculating..." and then gets me back on track. I never want to find a new place without this again (although I had to just last week - I got lost and was 40 minutes late). Thanks, EG!


Evil Genius said...

You can get your own custom snuggie made with whatever absurd hipster slogan you want.

Doc said...

A snuggie is a crappy robe you put on backwards and has all the modesty and usefulness of an ill-fitting hospital gown. You aren't naked but feel more embarassed than if you were.


Anonymous said...

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GETkristiLOVE said...

Anonymous is in college and doesn't know a lot is two words?

Anyway, typical... men always want their women to be warm, and not lost.
Now off to figure out what I want my snuggie to say.

Anonymous said...

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