Monday, February 08, 2010

2010 Shakespeare Film Festival

Introduction: Red, as you all know, is an actress and a theatre buff. Of course she holds the Bard in high regard. I, as you all know, am a film buff. I am well aware that many a celluloid tale has found its way from Bill's pen to the silver screen whether in a direct or indirect manner.

It was a while back when I assumed she had seen some Shakespeare film that it came to light that she was not well versed with his oeuvre (<--her word) as interpreted in this medium. With a liitle Netflix magic, we are going to correct this. After a brief discussion, here is the lineup:

1. Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet" Red has never seen this. The soundtrack alone makes it worthwhile.

2. "Scotland, PA" Maura Tierney as Lady MacBeth set in 1970's local fast food joint. If that isn't enough, Christopher Walken as Columbo-esque police investigator, Lt. McDuff.

3. "Hamlet (2000)" Ethan Hawke is not my choice for greatest actor of our generation, but he handles it. But Bill Murray as Polonius!

4. Kenneth Branagh's "Henry V" This is probably the best modern Shakespeare film. The St. Crispin's Day speech makes me want to kill some Frenchmen. More so than usual, I mean.

5. Taming of the Shrew re-told as "10 Things I Hate About You" We have both seen this already. This is just a palette cleanser. A little fluff to balance out the heaviness.

Stay tuned for the reviews!


red said...

This is the second time someone has mentioned Scotland, PA recently. I definitely need to check it out.

If you have time, you should totally watch Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing. Simply charming!

SkylersDad said...

I am not nearly cultured enough to properly comment on this post, however, Red's word (oeuvre) I believe is properly pronounced AHoooogah! AHoooogah! as in dive dive all hands clear the decks!

Am I correct?

Red said...


You really should. Review coming soon.


I believe it's something like "OH-vrah," but I'll admit my French is all but nonexistent.

Rassles said...

I'm a big fan of Scotland PA as well. And Henry V.

That Julie Taymor version of Titus is fucking gorgeous, although uncomfortable. And Richard III with Ian McKellen is ridiculous but awesome.

But my favorite is Throne of Blood.