Friday, April 09, 2010

Coming soon...a new avatar for Red!

Thanks to GkL you all know where this post is headed, but I will still give you the back story. (By the by, I am blogging from work (off the clock) so I can finally get this damn post up.)

About two years ago I found a picture of Kathrine Hepburn to serve as an avatar for Red. Her favorite movie is The Philadelphia Story and it just seemed to fit her. The crazy part of this was that we had been broken up for just over a year at that point.

We had gotten past airing our dirty laundry in the comments of the sorely missed Save Your Generation, but it was not like we were exactly on speaking terms.I was carefully tracking her viewings of WILATU through my Sitemeter, and Pistols At Dawn was chastising us both for hijacking his blog.

The day before what would have been our third anniversary, I posted the avatar you are now familiar with at the top of my pictorial blogroll (which now has its own site.) It was intended as a gesture. I put it up Friday and was going to take it down on Monday. I wasn't trying to get her back. I was dating someone else and so was she.

She saw it almost immediately (because checking my blog daily was part of her healthy ex-girlfriend behavior) and sent me an email saying, "I'm flattered, EG, but WTF?" We exchanged a few emails and it began to dawn on us both that maybe we weren't as done with each other as we thought. So she stopped seeing the alcoholic d-bag city councilman/pool guy, I stopped seeing the bipolar foreign grad student sociographer and we started seeing each other again.

It wasn't like it was smooth sailing out of the gate for "Us 2.0". For a while there I was also entertaining Girlfriend #2. Red was still rough around the edges and I wasn't too sure dating my ex was the best idea in the world, but she was still Girlfriend #1. And after a while I realized that there was no need for Girlfriend #2. So I stopped seeing the gluten-free hippie Buddhist ESL teacher and decided to be a man instead of a guy (which is far more typical behavior for me.)

We had been back together for almost two years. There were some big improvements on both ends and it helped out the relationship tremendously. Most of the reasons I cited for keeping things in low gear were slipping away. I would make references to the future or ask stupid questions about serious shit and Red would not reply but simply hold out her left hand and stare at the vacant real estate on her finger.

On the 5th anniversary of our first date I decided it was time. I had a killer 1ct Asher cut diamond set in platinum on a gold ring waiting patiently in its little box in my fire safe for the past three years. I bought it during the end of "Us 1.0" when I couldn't decide whether I was going to marry her or break up with her. I made the right decision both times. This was the path we needed to take to get here. Here being the swingset at the pocket park two blocks from my house where I knelt down in the snow.

So ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, you are cordially invited to check back on November 7, 2010 to see Red's new avatar. Which will be the only post up for a while unless someone wants to jump in and guest blog while we are on our honeymoon. And no, we do not plan to have any pictures to share with you when we get back.

Until then you can check out our wedding website (updated as we continue to make plans) to read my witty take on providing information and find out all you need to know to crash the gate. And I will try to post here from time to time when my DSL is back up. I promise I'll try to have more than just rants about wedding planning, but like airline fees and ED medication, it is low hanging comedy fruit that is hard to resist


Anonymous said...

I am SO excited for you guys!! I really am. :)

Leonesse said...

WHAT!? I leave for a short time (nearly 2 years) and these wonderful things are happening!

Way to go!

GETkristiLOVE said...

Nice back story. I only knew half of it - the half about you not being a two-timing jerk. Glad to see you fixed that. :)

BTW, November isn't exactly soon.

Red said...

Kristi, I knew about her. I didn't like it, but I don't think it really counts as two-timing if neither party is under the impression that she's the one and only.

Still, it doesn't hurt for him to hear it from you! So thanks.