Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Didn't Miss Them 'til I Realized They Were Gone

They don't make crispy M&Ms anymore! When did this happen?

They came out in 1999. (So it says in the "History" section of As it happens, that's when I graduated from college and I was interning at a summer theatre in Montclair, NJ. I remember buying big bags of them and eating them for breakfast (washed down with actual coffee, rather than the decaf I drink now) on many a day. I'll cop to having no clear memory of the last time I had them, though I remember getting them in the individual bags in years after 1999. See, crispy M&Ms were lower cal than the other kinds, if only slightly, because part of the space was taken up by puffed rice (or something) and therefore was air instead of chocolate. They came in a blue bag.

But somewhere along the way, they stopped making them. Also during that time (maybe?), they introduced dark chocolate M&Ms. Now, I'm a dark chocolate girl. Dark chocolate M&Ms aren't all that, but I've eaten several (or possibly many) pounds of them over the years. I mean, it's cheap, convenient dark chocolate. Which is actually health food, right? I mean, sort of? (Note: If you're interested in a dark chocolate supermarket candy that's better than dark M&Ms, those new Hershey's Special Dark pieces are pretty damn good. And I'm not a Hershey girl.)

Then the other day at Target, I picked up a package of new pretzel M&Ms. I figured, "Hey, these might be worth a try." The package was blue. I took them into work and put them in my desk drawer. Then I was eating a few and I realized, "Hey! They don't make crispy M&Ms anymore!" Which is kind of a bummer. The pretzel are - I'm not kidding, even though it sounds silly - harder to chew.

My pain-in-the-neck coworker thinks they should just stick to plain and peanut. That's what they do well, that's what they should do. I really hate to admit it when he's right, but in this case, maybe he is. Pretzel M&Ms aren't as good as chocolate covered pretzels. Dark chocolate M&Ms aren't as good as semi-sweet chocolate chips nor these new Hershey things. And coconut M&Ms, while I applaud the effort, can't come close to Mounds bars. (Mmmm. Mounds bars. *drool*) Crispy M&Ms actually filled a niche that isn't occupied. They have something in common with Nestle Crunch and a few other bars, but they're different.

Wanna know something crazy, though? As much as I love chocolate, I crave spinach salad more. At least sometimes.


SkylersDad said...

I am one of those weirdos who just likes plain chocolate, not mixed in with anything.

Evil Genius said...

I could have sworn crispy M&M's came in an orange bag, but I looked it up and peanut butter are the ones in the orange bag. Why did I ever question you on matters of chocolate?