Saturday, July 17, 2010

Marvel vs. DC

This is a great superhero pic I found for the post below. I was thinking it was just Marvel vs. DC, but it is specifically the Avengers vs. the Justice League of America. Which explains why they don't have Mr. Fantastic (of the Fantastic Four) fighting Plastic Man. (Incredibly stupid super power anyway.)

I don't know who all these cats and chicks are, but here is my run down. Marvel's Avengers are on the left, DC's JLA is on the right. So, from the top:

The Vision vs. Martian Manhunter
This is one of DC's few victories. The Vision is an android and is kind of a rip off. Plus Martian Manhunter's real alien name is J'onn J'onz (John Jones.) Cheeky!

LIttle Background People I Don't Care About
Green Girl vs Fire girl - don't know, don't care. Hercules vs some Roman chick - huh? Glowing Guy vs Cape Guy - think these may be super old school guys. Not sure.

She-Hulk vs. Wonder Woman
This is win-win!

Black Falcon vs Hawkman
Another DC win. Hey, Marvel. Here's a tip. He is just The Falcon and he happens to be a black guy. Plus Hawkman has a morning star.

Green Guy vs John Henry Steel
Don't know who the Marvel guy is, so anther DC victory. (Even if Shaq did portray him.)

Namor the Submariner vs. Aquaman
Do we really need to get into this? Probably the most one sided fight going down here. Aquman has a really cool new story where he cuts off his own hand to save the life of his infant son. He now has a spear grafted to his arm instead. But he is still Aquaman. Namor on the other hand has always been a severe bad-ass.

Quasar vs. Firestorm
Just sad I know who these guys are.

Black Widow vs. Unknown DC chick
Did you see Iron Man 2? Did you see Scarlet Johansen in a black leather cat suit?

Black Panther vs. Blue Guy
It is OK if the superhero has "black" in the name and happens to be a black guy if the persona is also black in color. Marvel.

Iron Man vs. Green Lantern
This is a mismatch. Iron Man, billionaire playboy with no super powers and cool weapons, obviously has more in common with Batman, whom he would demolish. Marvel wins. Green Lantern is a cosmic sentinel which makes him more of a match for the Silver Surfer (not an Avenger.) GL stands no chance against the Surfer. But in this match up Tony Stak should get his lunch handed to him.

Thor vs. Superman
I know, I know. Superman is Superman. But Thor is a god! All he has to do is drag Kal-el's ass to a planet with a red sun and that's the end of that.

More Background People
Tiger Chick (Feral?) vs Purple Chick (Raven?) - don't know either, but the purple chick is shakin' in her boots. Giant Man vs Iron Mask Guy - don't know who the DC guy is or why he seems to be throwing Giant Man for a loop, but my money is still on the 20 ft tall dude. Ms. Marvel vs. Marvel Girl - DC shouldn't use the adjective "marvel" for anything. I think that may be Wonder Man vs. Shazam (Captain Marvel) -I'll give DC that one too. Extend-o Arm Guy vs Plastic Man - Again, just a stupid super power. Yellow Power Chick vs White Power Chick - who cares.

Quicksilver vs. The Flash

Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow

The Scarlet Witch vs Magician Chick
Don't know who the lame DC character is, but based on costume alone Marvel has this wrapped up.

Random Foreground People
The Beast vs Unfortunate Hairdo Chick - The Beast is a ringer from the X-Men. That is cheating a little. Way to go, Marvel! And the Wasp vs Some Tiny Dude - are they fighting over who is smaller?

and finally...

Captain America vs. Batman
Well, here we are at last. Two guys everyone knows. This is a weird match up though. As stated above, Batman should be getting blow'd up by Iron Man. I like Batman. How can you not? But Captain America actually has superpowers. And stands for freedom and liberty and killing Nazis. And when Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who dare to oppose must yield! Advantage: Cap.

So true believers, until next time keep fighting the good fight. And make mine Marvel!


Dale said...

That's excellent. Sort of like you! Go check out Some Guy's Blog. There's something there about you!

Dale said...
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Whiskeymarie said...

This post is all sorts of awesome. Though, I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed that I know who so many of these characters are...

thausele said...

to answer ur ?s bout the tiny people its the wasp vs. the atom. they both are anble to change size. the image go to hectic to follw if both characters were 10 feet tall so the author drew them small and up front...a deff win for the wasp as the atom has no special abilities other than size