Saturday, March 16, 2013

Future of My Fake Bands: Going Solo

The history of my fake bands has all been prelude to this exciting announcement. Anyone could just say they are an imaginary rock star, but it takes a special kind of crazy to have an entire fake rock career leading up to your fake solo career. This was an organic process however, and does not reach the level of crazy it would take to have premeditated this as the ultimate conclusion to decades of habitual lying to myself and others.

If you didn't see this coming, please let me know so I can go back and edit my previous posts so the foreshadowing is a little heavier handed. Hell, if you have ever read my blog before there is a chance you could have pieced  this together even before I did.

My artistic split with Red was on amicable terms. Our marriage is ridiculously stable, but the band was doomed from day one.* She knew this too. So I have ventured off on my own to explore new creative territory.

I plan on doing some vanity projects and scoring for fake films. Bad Eric, from my Guided by Elvis days, has a couple of fake scripts he has been shopping around. I can only imagine what farcical nonsense he will request dramatic undertones for. Whatever gets my name up on the big screen and reeling in those mechanical royalties.

I am also working on a TMBG tribute called Lincoln Odd, Flood Even. That is probably giving too much of it away. (I do plan on fudging the order a little and hoping that no one vets my track listing. Or if they do that they cut me some slack on bending the rules of my own concept.)

Then there will be my effort to spearhead the I'll Scratch Yours response album to Peter Gabriel's cover project which had a decided lack of reciprocity. I am not saying I can just walk up to Thom Yorke and have him immediately consent to a Radiohead version of "Shock the Monkey." It will take time. Don't look for it anytime soon.

The Evil Genius's solo career (under my real name, The Rock and Roll Astronaut) starts in 2013.

*I have been informed by my editor that he dates for Scarlett Red & The Evil Genius may go back as far as 2010. I have an extremely poor concept of time. All previous dates given have a +/- 3 year degree of accuracy. That includes whatever the hell is going on right now. 

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