Friday, March 08, 2013

History of My Fake Bands: Part 2 - The E & The Q

If The Bourgeoisie weren't still my fake band, I would have formed a new one 20 seconds after meeting Pezda for the first time. As it stood, it took about 6 months.

I was completely responsible for the horrible name The E & The Q -the letters stood for "exotic" and "quixotic." I actually liked the clunkiness of it. I also thought it was evocative of Echo &The Bunnymen. And in case anyone cared enough to figure it out, our first album cover was set to be these brightly colored quadrilaterals. They are in fact the signal flags Echo and Quebec. Not quite the color alphabet New Order devised for Blue Monday, but it was enigmatic enough for what we were doing. If you could get past all of that, there is also the fact that EQ is audiophile shorthand for equalizer. I know...I wanna reach back in time and smack myself too.

We had a third member in this outfit, Pezda's  roommate Cpt. Comicbook. There were a few inherent flaws in our whole concept. One of them was that we were actually going to make music. It was going to be radio-friendly alterna-pop. I think.

The bigger flaw was that we had not discussed the lineup until we were well into this. It quickly became clear that each of us thought he was the lead singer. We each put forth our arguments as to why we were best suited. It was decided, poorly, that this would be settled by a sing-off. Continuing with The E & The Q's unbroken streak of bad decisions, "Love Song" by The Cure was chosen as the unfortunate victim.

All three renditions received a two-to-one vote against. If you work out the math, that is the day we broke up. We also made the first good decision in the band's history - destroy the demo tape. There was no ceremony to it either; it was just taped over.

The E & The Q existed for about a month in 1992 from what I can piece together from the memories I haven't blocked out.

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Red said...

I wanna go back and be a fly on that wall. Yes, my ears might bleed, but I still wanna.