Sunday, March 10, 2013

History of My Fake Bands: Part 3 - 35mm Nudes

Moving forward in my fake music career, it was time for me to be on the other side of the fake studio. I became the manager and producer for my cousin Coco's fake band.

Understand that she is so cool that everyone more or less assumed she was in a band. She had a roommate that occupied that dangerous territory that straddles "hot" and "approachable" and a quirky friend with multicolored hair rounding out her Riot Grrrl power trio.

She chose a name from a book she saw on the return cart at her school's art library. Honestly, "35mm Nudes" has just about everything you want in a band name. I created a conceptual design for tee shirts that were actually 1970's style football jerseys. White with faded indigo yokes and sleeve stripes. A big number 35 on the front and back, and MM NUDES across the shoulders as if it were the player's last name.

The other major contribution I made was designing a flyer for concerts that supposedly had already happened. In this way, you were never cool enough to have known about the show in time. The image was a little girl in pigtails rendered in circles and rounded rectangles saying her prayers . The tag line was "God bless mommy, and daddy, and 35mm Nudes..."

I have no idea when they fizzled out, or why. I am fairly sure 35mm Nudes existed sometime around 1994 for approximately 6 months.

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