Thursday, March 21, 2013

WILATU #33 - Dogs

I am a dog person.

I have nothing against cat people, but I am not one. I have nothing against cats, but there are very few cats that don't seem to have something against me.

Dogs, on the other hand, must think I smell like bacon-wrapped duck liver. Dogs love me, and it is hard not to love them back. Especially when they try so damn hard.

Having a dog is little like having a permanent 8 year-old boy in your house. There's lots of running around, breaking things, toys lying around, getting things dirty, and denial of bad decisions. But also lots of love, loyalty, and devotion.

Cats strike me more like having a 15 year-old girl around. You have no idea what they are doing or why they are doing it. If you are smart, you don't want to know. They are demanding and entitled. If you try to show them love, they will probably hiss at you or run away. Unless they want something, in which case they are all purrs and sweetness. Cleanliness is not enough of an upside for me to want to deal with that. 

When I was a little kid, having a dog was awesome. She was a friend who always wanted to play no matter what; and it didn't matter what game I wanted to play. She would follow me around, eat my scraps from under the table, and since I was the youngest with no claim to any couch real estate, I would lay on the floor to watch TV and she would be there with me. She would patrol the house at night checking on each of the kids as they went to sleep, then "reporting" back to my mom. As stated, I was the youngest, so I when all rounds were complete she would curl up at the foot of my bed (under my crib before that) and sleep there for the night. Also - she was as close as I was ever going to get to having my own Wookie.

I was about 10 when she died. She was about 13. I have led a life with my share of hard knocks and a little extra, but losing her was a rough one. There is an immeasurable amount of good that owning a dog will give you. Granted, you have to be the kind of person that is willing to make the necessary commitments, but the return on investment is staggering. 


Fran said...

I'm sitting here with my own faithful hound by my side.

And that whole 8 year old boy analogy? Brilliant and true. The 15 year old girl... hmmm, our cat is not that bad, but there is some truth to it! More than I care to admit. I once was a 15 year old girl, you know!

Speaking of which, what great imagery of you as a kid, the youngest, bonding with your dog.

Evil Genius said...

Fran, wait for #34...

SkylersDad said...

I am also a dog person, as you already know. Each time I have had to make the painful decision to end their life due to disease, old age, or whatever, it has been a horrible moment. But it is a choice that I am happy that we have, because my feeling bad is nothing compared to watching my furry 4 legged friend suffer in pain.

Evil Genius said...

S.D. that is the truest mark of loving your pet - being able to put aside your selfish desire to hold onto or extend their life just a little longer in favor of ending their pain and misery. I have never had to do it, but I hope I can if and when that day comes.

Red said...

My folks are not perpetual dog owners, but we had a couple starting my junior year of HS. The first came to us then, the second about a year later. Lucky, our first dog, was a couple of years older than Buddy (the second). So she went first, and she actually had to be put down.

When Lucky was gone, the 2-3 years younger Buddy got old overnight. When the time came to put him down, though (a year or so later), he gave my parents the gift of going on his own the day before the appointment so they ended up not having to.

I hope you get that next time, SkyDad.